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Bac Giang ensures progress of site clearance for industrial parks

(BGO) - This year, Bac Giang province ranks ninth in the country in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction. In order to lure more FDI, the provincial People's Committee is focusing on directing agencies and localities to speed up the site clearance for newly and expanded industrial parks (IPs) in order to hand over the land to infrastructure investors on schedule.

According to the authorities, currently the existing industrial zones in the province have basically been filled. To have clean land funds to attract new investment projects, localities have been coordinating with infrastructure investors to accelerate site clearance for expanded industrial parks such as Hoa Phu in Hiep Hoa district and Quang Chau in Viet Yen district; and newly established ones like Tan Hung in Lang Giang district and Yen Lu in Yen Dung district.

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Hoa Phu Invest Co., Ltd. pays site clearance compensation for people in Nga Trai village, Huong Lam commune, Hiep Hoa district.

In May, the Prime Minister approved a project to build infrastructure of the expanded Hoa Phu IP on 85 hectares in Mai Dinh and Huong Lam communes, with Hoa Phu Invest Co., Ltd. as the investor. Right after that, the provincial People's Committee directed Hiep Hoa district to coordinate with relevant agencies and authorities at all levels to carry out site clearance for the project, striving to basically complete it this year to hand over to the investor.

These days, the district People's Committee and the infrastructure investor are focusing on the site clearance under the roadmap. According to Tran Sy Nam, Director of Hoa Phu Invest Co., Ltd., the company will pay compensation to the locals right after their land areas are counted. It strives to complete the payment of 230 billion VND (9.68 million USD) to the households as planned.

In Yen Dung district, after being approved to establish the 377-hectare Yen Lu Industrial Park, the locality immediately embarked on land clearance. According to the province’s plan, the three-phase site clearance is expected to be completed in January 2024. This year, the locality focused on site clearance in Yen Hong, Yen Tap Bac, Yen Tap, Yen Tap Ben and Long Truong Van villages.

To date, 57 hectares have been cleared. Along with completing the land lease dossiers for the cleared area to send to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment for appraisal, the district is focusing on directing the recovery of and compensation for another 14 hectares this year as planned.

At the Tan Hung Industrial Park, the site clearance has basically been completed with over 99% of land cleared. The provincial People's Committee has allowed investors to rent more than 100 hectares of land to build infrastructure, thus attracting secondary investors. Meanwhile, for the Quang Chau Industrial Park, which will be expanded by 90 hectares, the site clearance began to be implemented according to the roadmap.

Bac Giang province, ensures progress, site clearance, industrial parks, foreign direct investment, FDI attraction, site clearance, infrastructure investors

Site clearance for Vietnam-Korea Industrial Park (Viet Yen) has basically been completed.

The province identifies industrial development as the main pillar and driving force for economic growth and restructuring. Therefore, creating clean land funds to attract investors is considered a central task. With that determination, in early July, the Chairman of the provincial People's Committee decided to establish a working group and a support team to hasten the site clearance for IPs to be established in the period of 2022-2025.

For each project, the province has issued a specific site clearance plan, with periodical meetings to be held to review progress. The province also established a Steering Committee to supervise and hasten the project implementation, promptly grasp difficulties and problems, and take measures to handle each case.

Following the above instructions, Hiep Hoa, Yen Dung, Lang Giang and Viet Yen districts all established a Steering Committee for land clearance led by the Chairperson of the district People's Committee or the Secretary of the district Party Committee, directly directing the implementation of projects. The district has sent experienced staff to the localities to follow the projects closely. Every week, it organized a meeting to review progress and grasp difficulties and problems related to each case for timely solutions.


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Bac Giang province, ensures progress, site clearance, industrial parks, foreign direct investment, FDI attraction, site clearance, infrastructure investors
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