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Bac Giang overcomes difficulties, ensures job for labour

(BGO) – Amid the order reduction, the businesses in Bac Giang province are striving to gain more orders, arrange the production line to ensure job for labours instead of reducing the human resources.

Maintaining jobs for labour

Amid the sharp fall of garment export order, VinGroup Garment Joint Stock Company in Tien Luc commune (Lang Giang district) has striven to maintain job for 500 labours.

Bac Giang province, overcomes difficulties, ensures job for labour, order reduction, gain more orders, arrange the production line, trade union

The production line at VinGroup Garment Joint Stock Company.

The company Managing Director Nguyen Van Quang said: “Since the forth quarter of 2022, the order has been down 20 to 30 percent. More difficulties are forecast till the first quarter of this year. We strive to keep stable job for all labours by manufacturing small order for new partner, ensuring produduct quality and quantity, diversifying the product, adjusting machineries and equipment to meet the customers’demand”.

Meanwhile, Alpha Green Tech Vina Company Limited in Hoa Phu industrial park (Hiep Hoa district) suffered the loss of order up to 40 – 50 percent due to the reduction of component and spare part for Samsung. The company leader decided to arrange alternate job and keep the labours, especially skilled humam resources.

“In hard time, I feel lucky to have something to do though the income is lower without any overwork requirement,” worker Do Thi Hai Yen shared.

Timely supporting disadvantaged enterprises and labours

Since late 2022, the economic crisist by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, inflation in the US and Europe has caused huge impact on the order of manufacturing businesses. According to the provincial Labour Confederation (PLV), the sharp fall of export order forced 12 companies, mostly operating in apparel and electronic fields, to cut the labour, working time and allow alternative job, which affected to about 3,500 labours.

Bac Giang province, overcomes difficulties, ensures job for labour, order reduction, gain more orders, arrange the production line, trade union

The production line at Alpha Green Tech Vina Company Limited.

More challenges are expected ahead with some 3,800 more labours lossing their jobs or working hour in the upcoming time. PLV Chairman Nguyen Van Canh acknowledged the great effort from the leaders of the disadvantaged companies to search for new orders from new markets with lower or no profit in order to maintain job for labours.

To assist the affected members and labours, the PLV on February 3 issued document to direct the trade union at all levels to implement the General Confederation of Vietnam’s Decision No.6696/QD-TLD on January 16.

Accordingly, the affected labours will be provided once time allowance, ranging from 1 to 3 million VND. The submission would be sent before March 31.

“It is the first ever aid package from the trade union fund. The proper case will receive the supported amount right after being confirmed,” Canh pressed.

Actually, many impoverished firms accepted to cover the loss, reduce the working time, extend the job but maintained stable work force because they are important to the company. Tran Thi Minh Phuong, Director of Labour Relation and Sustainable Development at Crystal Martin Vietnam Company Limited in Quang Chau industrial park said now the business truly needs the assistance from the state and authority by supporting policies like delaying the payment time for the bank loan, social insurance…so that they can use such amount to assist the labour directly.

Apart from direct support policie, Vice Director of Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DoLISA) Tran Van Ha said: “By closely watching over the situation, exchanging with the business, the Department consulted the provincial People’s Committee to establish assistance group for specific reasons like difficulties in material export and transport, labour recruiment…At the same time, DoLISA cooperated with the provincial Management Board of industrial park and releant sectors to inspect and supervise the enforcement of labour law, require the company to sufficiently apply the policies for labours so as to encourage them amid the difficulties. The Department also directed the provincial Job Service Center to renovate the method of employment support on job transaction platform, stabilize the labour market”.

Tuong Vi
170,000 labours to come back work on sixth day of lunar January
(BGO) – According to the Management Board of the Industrial Park in Bac Giang province (MBIP), about 170,000 labours will come back work at 400 businesses at the provincial industrial parks on January 27, 2023 or the sixth day of Lunar New Year, few enterprises reopen production on January 30.
Practically caring for labour
(BGO) – Stabilizing job and improving welfare are among the practical solutions applied by businesses in Bac Giang province to keep the labour. With due attention, workers will consider factory as their second home to attach and dedicate every singer day.  
Labour market marks quick recovery
According to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA), supportive solutions and policies have helped the domestic labour market recover quickly, thus, helping industrial parks, export processing zones and key economic regions to maintain a stable labour force.
Bac Giang creates new jobs to 33,600 labours
(BGO) –According to the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs ( DoLISA), 33,600 labours in Bac Giang province were employed in 2022, surpassing 0.5 percent of the set target, over 31,700 of whom worked domestically and others worked abroads.
Bac Giang delivers timely assistance to business and labour
(BGO) – Bac Giang province now has 11 difficult businesses due to current inflation and global economic crisis, reported the provincial Confederation of Labour.

Bac Giang province, overcomes difficulties, ensures job for labour, order reduction, gain more orders, arrange the production line, trade union
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