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Bac Giang ensures traffic safety, eases congestion in industrial parks

(BGO) – Bac Giang province has 6 operating industrial parks (IP), namely Song Khe – Noi Hoang, Van Trung, Dinh Tram, Quang Chau, Hoa Phu and Vietnam – Korean with more than 180,000 labours at enterprises.

Recently, the investors of IP infrastructure have implemented synchronous measures to ensure the traffic safety and ease the congestion inside the IP.

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Bac Giang IP Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Company spends over 6 billion VND to build centralized parking garage for businesses at Song Khe – Noi Hoang industrial park.

Particularly, Bac Giang IP Infrastructure Development Joint Stock Company – investor to the North infrastructure of Song Khe – Noi Hoang IP invested about 6 billion VND (over 253,000 USD) to build 1.6 hectare parking station and some static parking lots for companies. Besides, the company arranges dozens of pick-up and drop-off points to prevent the unsafe situation of stopping to pick the workers up or drop them off along the road.

Moreover, the company set up traffic sign and speed humps on the IP internal roads to assist the vehicles’owners to strictly follow the traffic safe measures.

Similarly, Sai Gon – Bac Giang IP Joint Stock Company – investor to the infrastructure of Quang Chau IP mobilized over 10 bilion VND to clear the land, construct 5 hectare parking station in the IP and arrange 8 labour pick-up and drop-off stands for businesses.

However, there are lack of static parking lots, pick-up and drop-off places in several IP in the province, forcing many worker buses to stop at wrong place, cause unsafe condition and traffic congestion at work finishing hours.

Recently, the IP Management Board (IPMB) issued document to ensure the traffic safety in 2023 in the IP. Accordingly, the IPMB ordered the investor in the IP infrastructure to urgently review and synchronously complete the items as the planning, especially traffic projects.

They were urged to add more worker pick-up and drop-off points, static parking lots and organize IP internal traffic suitably to prevent the traffic jam. The traffic sign, alarm and speed humps must be erected on major routes, blind positions with risk of traffic accidents.

The authority ordered the investor to cooperate with the People’s Committee in the districts, city and local Public Security to make routing measures, recover the congestion at the entrance gate to the IP in peak hour.

Minh Linh
Bac Giang connects traffic, creates momentum for breakthrough
(BGO) – Bac Giang province has invested in numerous traffic projects to enhance the connectivity, gradually complete the traffic system which help boost up trade exchange, attract investment for socio-economic development.
Hiep Hoa builds traffic infrastructure, prioritizes routes connecting industrial parks and clusters
(BGO) – Defining the importance of traffic infrastructure, Hiep Hoa district (Bac Giang province) has paid special attention to invest in building, revamping and upgrading local routes, hence creating connectivity for trade exchange and development motivation.
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(BGO) – The construction contractor has currently concentrated man power and machines to construct items under the expanding and upgrading project of the frontage road on the left of national road No.1 from the intersection of national road No.31 to Hung Vuong interchange in Bac Giang city (Bac Giang province) so as to open Hung Vuong overpass to traffic before this September 2.
Traffic police officer in Bac Giang returns valuable assets to accident victim
(BGO)- The Public Security of Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province on May 16 received a letter of thanks from Pham Khac Tuan (born in 1991) in Thanh Hai commune, Luc Ngan district for being returned his relative’s assets after the accident.
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(BGO)- Vice Chairman of the Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee Le O Pich on May 17 inspected progress of some projects including construction of Nhu Nguyet bridge, upgrading the provincial road 298 and the road connecting the National Highway 37, National Highway 17 and Vo Nhai district, Thai Nguyen province.

Bac Giang province, ensures traffic safety, eases congestion, industrial parks, synchronous measures, pick-up and drop-off points, traffic safe measures
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