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VinFast delivers 782 electric cars in two months

VinFast Trading and Service Ltd Co, a subsidiary automaker of conglomerate Vingroup, reported on March 14 that it delivered 774 electric vehicles (EVs) to customers in the first two months of 2023.

In February alone, the firm handed over 416 EVs, including 266 VF8 and 150 VF e34.

Along with the Vietnamese market, VinFast has also officially delivered the first VF 8 electric vehicles to customers in the US, receiving their positive feedback.

VinFast, 782 electric cars, two months, subsidiary automaker, Vietnamese market, positive feedback

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As planned, VinFast is also preparing to hand over the VF 9 and VF 5 Plus models to domestic customers, and export the next batches to the international market.

Regarding service, VinFast has just announced that it will inaugurate “No day off" service workshop system from March 15 across the country to meet the demand of and provide an excellent service experience for customers.

VinFast is still the only automobile firm in Vietnam that provides the 24/7 mobile services, including mobile service, charging service and rescue service.

Globally, the firm has also put into operation a 24/7 global repair support and consulting centre to promptly provide advice and technical support for the service workshops in markets where VinFast cars are present.

VinFast to open headquarters in Germany, France, Netherlands
VinFast, the first Vietnamese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has revealed its European business strategy and announced the opening of dedicated country headquarters in Germany, France and the Netherlands at the 2022 Paris Motor Show, which is underway from October 17 – 23.
VinFast to supply 2,500 units to US car subscription service Autonomy
Vietnam's electric vehicle maker VinFast said on Thursday it has struck a deal with U.S. car subscription service Autonomy to supply more than 2,500 units.
VinFast wants to make a splash in Europe with electric cars
VinFast plans to open at least 50 dealerships in major European cities like Berlin and Paris for its electric cars as it seeks to become a global player.
Vietnam's VinFast seeks US government loans for expansion
The chairman of Vietnam’s Vingroup conglomerate said on Saturday that the company’s auto unit, VinFast, would seek financing from the U.S. government to support its expansion with a planned plant in North Carolina.
VinFast to receive pre-orders for latest electric SUV models from next month
Vietnamese automaker VinFast on December 27 announced that it will officially receive pre-orders for VF e35 and VF e36 electric SUVs globally from 8am on January 6, 2022.

Source: VNA

VinFast, 782 electric cars, two months, subsidiary automaker, Vietnamese market, positive feedback
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