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Luc Ngan to complete infrastructure, level up urban area

(BGO)- Implementing the policy to rearrange district-level administrative units and develop urban areas in Bac Giang province in the period from 2022 to 2025, Luc Ngan district has been mobilizing investment resources with a determination to speed up the progress to fulfill the criteria on establishing Chu township by 2025. Of which, the highest priority is synchronous infrastructure development and urban embellishment.

With an aim to develop Chu township into a mountainous urban area, a heart of the northeastern region in the province towards a green, ecological and modern urban area of high-quality fruit cultivation with rich ethnic cultural identities, the Party Committee of Luc Ngan district in June 2021 promulgated the Scheme No 01 on development of connected traffic infrastructure, urban infrastructure and infrastructure of concentrated residential areas. Under this Scheme, many projects have been implemented creating new faces of Chu town and adjacent areas.

Luc Ngan district, complete infrastructure, level up urban area, Bac Giang province,  district-level administrative units, investment resources, Chu township

Tran Phu new urban area project is accelerated.

According to the leader of the district’s Economic and Infrastructure Division, Chu township will reach the criteria of a fourth-tier urban area with 10 administrative units including Chu, Tru Huu, Thanh Hai, Hong Giang, Phuong Son, Quy Son, Kien Thanh, Nam Duong and My An. The district is targeted to build 5 communes and town including Chu, Phuong son, Tru Huu, Thanh Hai and Hong Giang meeting standards of a ward. Since 2021, Luc Ngan has received big investment through the projects for synchronous development of the traffic system and urban environment.

7 investors were chosen to implement the urban and residential area projects covering an area of 69.4 hectares while 2 projects of 75 hectares are under investment procedures. Besides, the district has invited investors to build Lan Chi Service and Trade Center and the residential area and commercial service project of the farm produce market.

The competent agencies made the sample design for lighting system and street decoration, which provides detailed regulations on bulb types and wattage, light pole material and heights and distances between the poles. In addition, they made the construction project design of sewage drainage system and concentrated wastewater treatment areas while brining into use Hong Giang and Phuong Son water plants to supply clean water for the people.

According to the Resolution No 233-NQ/TU dated 25 July 2023 of the provincial Party Committee on rearranging district-level administrative units and urban development in the province in 2022-2025 period, Luc Ngan district will be rearrange in administrative boundaries to become Chu township and new Luc Ngan district. This is defined an important task in both socio-economic aspect and national defense, security, thus, the Party Committee of Luc Ngan district issued a resolution in late April 2023 to concentrate on fulfilling the criteria and standards to establish Chu township.

Vice Chairman of the district People’s Committee Nguyen Van Hai said, although the traffic and urban infrastructure in the district has been improved, it remains lack of synchronization and linkage while the investment resources are limited. In order for Chu town reaching criteria of a fourth-tier urban area on schedule, it is necessary to continue accelerating to complete several items. 

Luc Ngan district, complete infrastructure, level up urban area, Bac Giang province,  district-level administrative units, investment resources, Chu township

Chu town from bird’s eye view.

To that end, the district has approved the list of investment projects in the localities, which are planned to establish Chu township with total implementation budget of some 500 billion VND (21.3 million USD) with the items: building a central park, and sports complex, paving sidewalks, assembling lights on some routes, improving the clean water supply plants, building sewage drainage system and funeral house, embellishing urban landscape and architecture.

In line with building the administrative units to meet the standards of a ward, the district also strives to develop the communes of Quy Son, Kien Thanh, Kien Lao, Nam Duong and My An to meet the criteria of new-style rural areas and advanced new-style rural areas.

In coming time, Luc Ngan will continue mobilizing and effectively utilizing investment resources so that Chu town will soon meet the standards of a fourth-tier urban area. Besides, the district will gradually expand more vertical and horizontal traffic routes serving domestic and foreign affairs and developing green, ecological urban and residential areas.


Nguyen Huong
Luc Ngan taps traditional festival, develops tourism
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Luc Ngan lychee geographical indication protection proves effective
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Luc Ngan district, complete infrastructure, level up urban area, Bac Giang province, district-level administrative units, investment resources, Chu township
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