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Bac Giang guarantees daytime power supply for enterprises

(BGO)- Thanks to flexible leadership and measures for proper electricity supply and use, almost enterprises in the industrial parks in Bac Giang province has stabilized production and reduced damage caused by power shortage. Many enterprises are prioritized for 24/24 hour power supply.

Facing power outages that interrupted production of businesses and people’s livelihood, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Anh Duong in early June hosted a virtual meeting with the districts, city and more than 300 enterprises in the province regarding power supply in extreme weather in 2023.

Bac Giang province, daytime power supply, local enterprises, flexible leadership and measures, proper electricity supply, industrial parks, power outages

Electronic component manufacturing in New Wing Interconnect Technology Bac Giang in Van Trung industrial park, Viet Yen district.

At the meeting, the provincial Chairman gave a solution that the province will prioritize power supply for production in the daytime meanwhile prioritizing power supply for households in the nighttime. Particularly, enterprises start production from 7.45 am to 5 pm in the daytime when they will be provided uninterrupted power supply. Enterprises in the industrial zones and clusters with urgent orders can register to the provincial Industrial Zones Authority and Electricity Company to run production from 0h00 to 5 am.

According to the representative of the provincial Industrial Zones Authority, all of the enterprises in the industrial parks have been supplied electricity in the daytime for production since 6 June, thus they can proactively regulate production without damage due to sudden power outages.

Particularly, the provincial Industrial Zones Authority is prioritizing 24/24 power supply for 22 enterprises in the industrial parks including 9 solar cell manufacturers.

Continuous power supply helps the enterprises to maintain production and avoid damage when they have to restart the production chains, machines and equipment such as gas-furnace, heater, plating machine and circuit plotter. Besides, it facilitates enterprises to guarantee production and export of big and urgent orders meeting demand of their partners.

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Bac Giang province, daytime power supply, local enterprises, flexible leadership and measures, proper electricity supply, industrial parks, power outages
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