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Bac Giang farmer earn a fortune by using music in chicken breeding model

(BGO) – Nguyen Huu Quy (born in 1977) in Ngo 2 village, Dong Ky commune of Yen The district (Bac Giang province) was among farmers recognized as Outstanding Vietnamese farmers in 2023. Each person follows a different field of production but he has high spirit to overcome difficulties.

The family of Nguyen Huu Quy is considered as the household to raise biggest fighting cock raising model in Yen The district. He started to raise this variety of chicken in 2009 after acknowledging its good resistance, fast growth, few disease. Also the chicken was suitable for the family’s terrain and land fund.

Bac Giang farmer, earn a fortune, using music, chicken breeding model, Bac Giang province, high spirit, overcome difficulties

Nguyen Huu Quy (center) earns high income from raising hybrid fighting chickens.

During the breeding process, he strictly implements every stage from breed selection and caring together with full vaccination.

He often let the chickens listen to music by installing speaker system in the coop, helping the animals stay calm when someone comes to feed and clean up. This way makes chickens reduce "stress" in pure nature, agile and healthy condition.

He also applies biotechnology and automatic feeding and drinking system. Chickens are raised at different times. After selling the chicken, he sprays lime to disinfect the area, cleans the coop and let it rest for at least three months to clear pathogens before continuing to raise the next batch.

The waste, packaging, bottles and jars from livestock production activities are collected and handled appropriately. In 2022, his family earned revenue of 6.7 billion VND (290,376 USD) and a profit of more than 2 billion VND.

He said: “My family is investing about 2 billion VND to build 5 more coops with total area of 2,300 square meters to raise about 23,000 more chickens of this breed. I define that it is the staple animal and essential food source with stable output and price so we will continue scaling up the model”.

Every year, his family welcomes 10-20 delegations of guests to visit and learn experience. Nguyen Huu Hoang, Chairman of Dong Ky Commune Farmers' Association added that Quy is the leader of the chicken farming group in Ngo 2 village with 10 members. The team leader often shares experiences and guides other households on the way to raise hybrid fighting chickens effectively. Besides, every year, his family supports 7-9 difficult households in the area in term of breed and capital.

Also, his family has actively participated in charity activities, supported funds to carry out local movements and campaigns. For example, he donated 25 million VND to help Ngo 2 village build a concrete road; 15 million VND to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic among others.

Quy said it is his honor to receive title of Outstanding Vietnamese farmer in 2023 which is great motivation for him to continue emulating good production and business so as to get rich together.


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Bac Giang farmer, earn a fortune, using music, chicken breeding model, Bac Giang province, high spirit, overcome difficulties
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