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Bac Giang businesses recover quickly, make strong breakthroughs

BAC GIANG - Amid the difficulties facing the global economy, in the past time, many businesses could not stand. However, with the dynamism and initiative in seeking new orders, enterprises in Bac Giang’s industrial parks have made strong breakthroughs, making great contributions to the local economic growth.

CElink Vietnam Co., Ltd in the Van Trung Industrial Park (Viet Yen district) specializes in manufacturing, processing and assembling electronic components. Amid common difficulties, it has taken its own way to increase the competitiveness of products and find new orders. 

Bac Giang businesses, recover quickly, strong breakthroughs, global economy, local economic growth, increase the competitiveness

A production line at CElink Vietnam Co., Ltd.

The company has invested in automated technology lines in some stages, saving human resources and lowering product costs. In 2023, for the first time, the firm has promoted its image at the international lobby of the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi.

Wang Qianchao, General Director of the company said: “We wish that international visitors who come to Vietnam will immediately see the name of the company. This is a new method that helps promote our name and brand to foreign customers." 

In addition, the company established a customer care unit in Vietnam as well as recruited workers with many incentives such as increasing the basic salary and improving working conditions. With many synchronous solutions, from April 2023, the company has welcomed many customers, including both traditional and new ones, to visit the factory. 

This is a great opportunity for the company to approach new partners, expand consumption markets and develop products. Currently, its products have been exported to European and American markets, Japan, the Republic of Korea. 

The enterprise's revenue in the first eight months of this year is estimated to increase by about 20% compared to the target set for the whole year, creating jobs for more than 3,000 workers, double the figure at the year beginning.

Wang said that to meet the needs of customers, in the coming time, the company will continue to recruit workers and expand production scale because the new factory is currently operating at only 50% of its designed capacity. Its main products are signal connection equipment for phones and computers, car charger support, and cruise control cameras.

According to the provincial Industrial Parks Management Board, together with Celink, a series of enterprises in the industrial park have new orders and are urgently producing to ensure on-time delivery to partners. Therefore, the demand for labor has increased and many enterprises have posted information about large-scale labor recruitment. 

New Wing Co., Ltd in the Van Trung Industrial Park needs to recruit 10,000 unskilled workers; Foxconn Technology Group in the Quang Chau Industrial Park is in need of 5,000 seasonal workers. Hosiden Vietnam (Bac Giang) Co., Ltd., and Fuyu Precision Component Co., Ltd., are also in the same situation. 

Especially, in August, Luxshare - ICT (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. in the Quang Chau Industrial Park resumed operations of its two workshops which had closed for repairs, upgrades and expansion with about 25,000 employees, 2.2 times higher than the previous month, contributing to increasing the number of workers in the industrial park. 

Bac Giang businesses, recover quickly, strong breakthroughs, global economy, local economic growth, increase the competitiveness

Blue & Green Home Articles Vietnam Co.,Ltd in the Quang Chau Industrial Park is about to expand its factory in the Viet Han Industrial Park.

Currently, the industrial park is home to more than 400 enterprises with over 190,000 workers, higher than before the Covid-19 pandemic. It is forecast that in September, the number of workers will increase to about 200,000.

The large-scale recruitments by enterprises in industrial zones have shown a good sign of the economy: the strong recovery of enterprises in a context full of difficulties and challenges, thus promoting development and making great contributions to the province’s economic growth. 

Dao Xuan Cuong, head of the provincial Industrial Parks Management Board, said that enterprises have made breakthroughs in recent months. Their monthly industrial production value reached more than 45 trillion VND (1.87 billion USD) in August as compared to 30 trillion VND (1.25 billion USD) in the first six months of the year.

With the action motto "the development of enterprises is the province's development", Bac Giang always directs taking measures to support and promptly remove difficulties for businesses.


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Bac Giang businesses, recover quickly, strong breakthroughs, global economy, local economic growth, increase the competitiveness
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