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Hustle and bustle outskirts of the industrial park

BAC GIANG - After being affected by the Covid-19 epidemic and the world economic situation, many enterprises in industrial parks in the northern province of Bac Giang used to have few orders and had to cut labor. However, they have recovered and made a strong breakthrough. More and more laborers work at the industrial parks, reaching a higher level than before the epidemic and helping the outskirts of industrial parks become bustle again.

Crowded boarding houses and bustle stores

More and more workers are flocking to Bac Giang, making areas around the industrial parks even busier and more crowded. All rooms at the boarding house of Nguyen Thi Hung in My Dien 2 residential group are fully occupied by workers. Her family earns a good revenue from dozens of rooms with monthly rental fee ranging from 1-1.2 million VND (42 – 50 USD) per room.

Hustle and bustle outskirts, industrial park, Bac Giang province, strong breakthrough, crowded boarding houses, bustle stores, accompanies businesses

Celink Vietnam Company Limited in Quang Chau industrial park ensures stable job to labourers.

Several vendors of beer, milk tea and fresh food nearby expressed their joy of smooth sale of goods, especially some small restaurants.

Similarly, Nui Hieu village in Quang Chau seems to have been fully transformed compared to a few months ago. All mobile and fixed sales points are crowded with people coming in and out. Restaurants serve late diners at full swing.

According to representatives of Quang Chau commune leaders, the entire commune has more than 600 households having boarding houses with nearly 12,000 rooms for rent, mostly in the villages of Nui Hieu, Quang Bieu, Tam Tang and Nam Ngan...

Many rooms had been renovated and upgraded with closed bathroom. Some households installed air conditioners, water heaters or allowed tenants to install these devices by themselves.

Hustle and bustle outskirts, industrial park, Bac Giang province, strong breakthrough, crowded boarding houses, bustle stores, accompanies businesses

Workers coming to work at factories in industrial park in Viet Yen district.

In the past, workers still chose big rooms and small rooms, but now every room is sought after, "as expensive as hot cakes".

Support businesses, provide accommodation for workers

The recovery of businesses in the industrial park helps Bac Giang's economy prosper. This is the best new for service suppliers near the industrial park, especially for owners of boarding houses.

In Quang Chau commune, there are many households with dozens to hundreds of rooms for rent. With an average rental fee of about 1 million VND/room/month, several households earn hundreds of millions of VND per month. Even some became billionaires without any field for cultivation.

It is an extremely valuable stage for local businesses to overcome the difficulties and make such a breakthrough like today that is not always possible. Grasping the actual situation and the arising problems, Bac Giang determined that enterprises in industrial parks are the driving force and decisive factor for economic growth. Thus, the province always accompanies businesses and support to solve their difficulties.

Hustle and bustle outskirts, industrial park, Bac Giang province, strong breakthrough, crowded boarding houses, bustle stores, accompanies businesses

A boarding house in Nenh township.

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Le Anh Duong emphasized: "Currently many factories are in operation, businesses are expanding production and investing in many new lines. Even though technology is modern, there are still labor-intensive steps. Therefore, the authorities not only attract workers in the province but also work with some neighboring provinces to support businesses in employment. In the long term, we need to pay attention to training high-quality technical and human resources to meet the needs of businesses."

Implementing the direction of provincial leaders, provincial authorities have cooperated to assist the enterprises by organizing job fairs in some localities in this September to recruit workers.

Head of the Provincial Industrial Park Management Board Dao Xuan Cuong informed that Bac Giang has implemented a series of solutions to help workers "settle down to have a happy career" such as: Accelerating the progress of building social housing for workers; building hospitals and schools near the industrial park; investing in waste and wastewater treatment systems; strengthening the traffic safety, security and order...


Truong Son
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Businesses get support in labour employment
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Hustle and bustle outskirts, industrial park, Bac Giang province, strong breakthrough, crowded boarding houses, bustle stores, accompanies businesses
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