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Bac Giang finds output for OCOP products

BAC GIANG - Grasping the increased demand for purchasing goods at year end occasion, the specialized agencies and localities in Bac Giang province have paid due attention to supporting entities with OCOP (One Commune One Product programme) products to participate in events, helping display, promote the goods toward trade exchange. Through trade promotion fairs and conferences, many entities find new partners to link production and consumption.

More promotional opportunities

After more than 4 years of establishment, from traditional waffle production, Hung Phu Cooperative in Tan Trung commune (Tan Yen district) has had 17 products, 8 of which are rated OCOP 3-star. Currently, the cooperative monthly brings to the market about 6 tons of cakes of all kinds, with revenue of nearly 600 million VND (over 25,300 USD).

Bac Giang province, finds output, OCOP products, year end occasion, increased demand, purchasing goods, trade promotion fairs, link production and consumption

The cordycept is 3 star OCOP product of Duca Hitech Service Cooperative in Thuong Lan commune (Viet Yen district).

According to Tran Hung Dat, Deputy Director of the cooperative, the distributors said that Hung Phu waffle products are highly appreciated by consumers.

To expand the market and find new customers, the cooperative has participated in 7 trade promotion fairs and conferences organized by the Department of Industry and Trade, the Provincial Cooperative Alliance and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development since early this year.

Besides promoting and introducing products, the cooperative has the opportunity to access new raw material sources.

The province now has 253 OCOP products, 31 of which are rated 4-star while the rest are 3-star. Bac Giang ranks among the top provinces and cities with many products recognized as OCOP.

To open up the market, since the beginning of this year, the sectors and localities have directly supported and introduced thousands of local OCOP products to nearly 20 conferences combined with trade promotion fairs and product introductions at localities across the country. The OCOP products of Bac Giang are gradually recognized and appreciated by consumers for their quality and packaging design.

Accompanying the subjects

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, through trade promotion fairs and conferences, many OCOP products of Bac Giang have been well received and consumed by users in some provinces and cities such as: Lychee, Chu noodles, Danh mountain ginseng, herbs, Luc Truc bamboo shoots, waffles, processed meat...

Bac Giang province, finds output, OCOP products, year end occasion, increased demand, purchasing goods, trade promotion fairs, link production and consumption

Businesses and cooperatives visit and study OCOP products of Bac Giang province at the trade connection conference launched by the provincial Cooperative Alliance.

Such events witnessed more than 100 agreements inked among subjects and businesses, supermarkets and stores which sell OCOP products in provinces and cities...

However, because most products are produced manually and have unattractive designs and packaging, sales volume is low. Many new agreements are only on paper.

To remove difficulties and assist the subjects, the competent agencies have paid due attention to mobilizing resources to help them innovate production processes, improve product designs and quality to upgrade and create a unique mark for the product on the market.

With the goal of exploiting market potential at year end occasion, the provincial competent organizations have developed plans and supported subjects to bring products to trade promotion fairs and conferences.

Specifically, the Center for Industry and Trade Promotion (Department of Industry and Trade) will coordinate with Luc Ngan District People's Committee to organize a conference to promote the consumption of oranges, grapefruits and typical products; display OCOP and signature products at the Vietnam - China International Trade Conference in Lao Cai province, supply and demand connection conferences in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as well as Tet booths for worker and labor.

The Provincial Cooperative Alliance selects OCOP products, typical and signature products to participate in trade promotion conferences and fairs organized by the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance and provinces and cities such as Hanoi, Ha Tinh, Hai Phong, and Thai Nguyen. At the same time, the Alliance organizes a number of conferences to connect supply and demand, display products in the province to promote and sell them on year end season.

Nguyen Thai Truong, Deputy Director of the Division of Rural Development said: "To dominate the market, with support from specialized agencies, subjects with OCOP products need to continue maintaining and improving the quality, product design, packaging while strengthening links along the value chain. On the other hand, all units should actively seek markets, connect trade and consume products".

Sy Quyet
Fair promotes consumption of OCOP products and goods of Hanoi’s craft villages
The Hanoi Coordinating Office of New Rural Development Programme in coordination with Thach That District People’s Committee launched a week-long event on August 17 to introduce OCOP products, safe farm produce, and goods of Hanoi’s craft villages.
Awakening the potentials and advantages of OCOP products
Establishing the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Programme to further contribute to the restructuring of the agricultural sector in association with the development of handicrafts, trades, services, and rural tourism while promoting rural economy sustainably and improving people’s income, Hanoi has seen thousands of OCOP products recognised from 3 to 5 stars.
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Tapping potentials of digital economy to promote OCOP products
(BGO)- The Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCM CYU) and the Youth Union of Bac Giang province on June 24 jointly held the Forum on Digital Transformation in Communication and Promotion of OCOP (one commune, one product programme) products of the youth themed “Tapping potentials of digital economy to promote OCOP products”. 
Luc Nam creates OCOP product brands, improves farmers’ income
(BGO) – Over the past years, Luc Nam district has always paid attention to building brands for One Commune One Product (OCOP) products as it is identified as an opportunity to enhance the value of local agricultural products, thus increasing income for farmers.

Bac Giang province, finds output, OCOP products, year end occasion, increased demand, purchasing goods, trade promotion fairs, link production and consumption
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