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Levelling up local specialty

BAC GIANG - Starting up with rice noodle and rice paper, the local traditional products, Anh Thu Food Processing Company Limited (Anh Thu Company) owned by Nguyen Thi Minh Thu (born in 1999) in Tho Ha village, Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district supplies tens of tonnes of products to the market every month.

The young girl named Nguyen Thi Minh Thu has studied in international schools since she was young, thus she always desires to maintain and promote value of the local products especially introducing them to international friends. Minh Thu planned to go to study abroad in 2019 but she had to postpone her study due to Covid-19 pandemic.

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Nguyen Thi Minh Thu tests the products at the store.

Born in a business family, Minh Thu has been encouraged by her parents for her start-up plan to produce rice noodle and rice paper, the local traditional signature products. With the investment about 3 billion VND (123,405 USD) funded by her parents and relatives, the young girl started renting land and building factory. After 3 months, the 700- metre square factory with combined and closed machinery system had been completed.

Everything seemed to be very smooth with favourable conditions but new difficulties occurred when starting production. Nevertheless, with her determination and learning spirit, Minh Thu came to the households who have produced rice noodle and rice paper for years in the village to carefully study, enrich her knowledge and draw experience during production process.

Therefore, the product quality has been improved. Besides, the young director sharply grasps market demand to diversify the products such as crab rice noodle, brown rice noodle, rolling rice paper and dried vermicelli. These products are made with harmonious combination of traditional and modern methods.

She grinds rice powder by traditional stone mortar instead of big tubs. The rice powder is slowly grinded with the heavy stone mortar to keep the original taste and nutritional value of rice. After grinding rice and making rice paper, the product is completely dried with halogen bulbs without dust residue.

Minh Thu stressed the product quality must come first to gain a market foothold and consumers trust. Every production process must strictly follow the technical requirements. Industrial additives and preservatives are not used for the products which have been certified food hygiene and safety.

Rice paper and rice noodle products of Anh Thu Company have been affirmed their position in the market which are supplied to supermarkets, agents and restaurants in several northern provinces and sold on e-commerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada and Sendo. In addition, Minh Thu has cooperated with some exporters to supply rice paper and rice noodle to China, Thailand and Russia.

Thanks to the ceaseless efforts, Anh Thu Company supplies about 20 tonnes of rice noodle and rice paper to the market every month creating stable jobs for 10 labourers with an average salary from 6 million to 10 million VND (254 to 423 USD) per month. The set of products Anh Thu rice paper and dried vermicelli was recognized as outstanding rural industrial products by the provincial People’s Committee in 2021.


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Levelling up, local specialty, Bac Giang province, rice noodle and rice paper, local traditional products, international friends, start-up plan
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