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Nguyen Huu Quy, a new-generation farmer

BAC GIANG - Nguyen Huu Quy (born in 1977) in Ngo 2 village, Yen The district owns the biggest flock of hybrid fighting chicken in northern province of Bac Giang. He is among 100 “outstanding Vietnamese farmers” in 2023, nominated to be one of the 10 “Bac Giang elite citizens”.

4 out of 6 brothers and sisters in Quy’s family pursue chicken feeding at the scale from some thousands to tens of thousands of chicken heads. As he was born in a countryside, he has got familiar to farm work since he was young. Previously, every household in his hometown fed some tens of chickens, ducks or some pigs mainly for family’s need; sometimes they brought them to the local market but the profit was low.

Nguyen Huu Quy, new-generation farmer, Bac Giang province, biggest flock, hybrid fighting chicken, outstanding Vietnamese farmers, Bac Giang elite citizens

Nguyen Huu Quy is in the hybrid chicken farm.

His family spent some savings to buy 5 hectares of land in Dong Vuong commune to plant eucalyptus trees; however, it took from 5 to years to gain income from the forest. During the time waiting for harvesting the trees, he decided to raise chicken. 

In 2005, he fed about 3,000 hybrid fighting chickens around his garden. He found the chickens growing well which suited the hilly topography, thus he raised 2 litters of chicken per year. Seeing high profit from chicken raising, his family continued to expand the scale.

He established a chicken farm in Ngo 2 village in 2007 and bought neighbouring gardens to widen the farm to over 5.4 hectares. The chicken farm is located on the hill surrounded by eucalyptus trees, which provides both wood and fresh space for raising chicken while making use of farm waste to fertilize the plants.

Currently, his family has 20 chicken coops with total 28,000 chicken heads. With his prestige, the hybrid chicken product of Quy’s farm has been smoothly consumed by traders from Hanoi and wholesale markets. In 2022, he earned a revenue of 8.7 billion VND (358,000 USD) and a profit of 2.4 billion VND (98,000 USD) after deducting the expenses. 

Since early this year, his farm has sold out more than 20,000 chickens and it will supply about 30,000 chickens from now to the Lunar New Year. The current price is about 77,000 VND (3.1 USD) per kilo expected to gain a profit of more than 2 billion VND (81,615 USD).

Quy takes care of chicken like caring his children. He and his wife give water, choose feed, buy vaccines and prepare medicines for the chickens by themselves. As the chickens are raised on quiet hills, he often opens music for the chickens with the loudspeaker system inside the coops helping them not to get scared when someone comes to feed them or clean the coops. It also makes the chicken become faster and healthier. Besides, he applies bio-technoloy and installs the automatic feeding and watering systems.

Nguyen Huu Quy, new-generation farmer, Bac Giang province, biggest flock, hybrid fighting chicken, outstanding Vietnamese farmers, Bac Giang elite citizens

The farm is spacious and regularly cleaned.

After selling each litter of chicken, he uses lime powder to sterilize, cleans the coops and free the coops for 3 months to sweep away all diseases before raising new litters.

When talking to the new-generation farmer Nguyen Huu Quy, I understood more about his journey to become a Vietnamese billionaire and outstanding farmer. His success has been gained by the hard work, passion and learning spirit to apply new and advanced technologies in production and strict obedience of labour disciplines.

According to Nguyen Huu Hoang, Chairman of the Farmers’ Association of Dong Ky commune, Quy is an outstanding member who is experienced in raising chicken and actively participates in local movements.


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Nguyen Huu Quy, new-generation farmer, Bac Giang province, biggest flock, hybrid fighting chicken, outstanding Vietnamese farmers, Bac Giang elite citizens
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