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Bac Giang prioritises expanding fruit markets

(BGO) – The northern province of Bac Giang is prioritising promoting trade and expanding markets for its fruits, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade Dao Xuan Cuong said in a recent interview.


Bac Giang, expanding fruit markets, a recent interview

Canh orange – a specialty of Luc Ngan district


Could you please give a general appraisal of Bac Giang’s fruit cultivation potential?

Bac Giang’ s fruits are gaining popularity of consumers at home and abroad. The province is the country’s largest litchi cultivation area with an annual output of nearly 150,000 tonnes. It is also home to more than 2,000ha of Luc Ngan orange and apple, Luong Phong grapefruit, Luc Nam custard apple, Bao Son pineapple and Yen The longan. 

Each year, each ha of fruit brings revenue of 300 million – 1.2 billion VND (13,000 – 50,000 USD) to growers. Thanks to favourable weather conditions and technological advances, fruit quality and output are both improving. 


Bac Giang, expanding fruit markets, a recent interview

Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade Dao Xuan Cuong.

Over the past time, the department has worked closely with localities and businesses to help farmers with consumption. How is marketing and trade promotion done?

The provincial People’s Committee approved an agricultural restructuring scheme to improve added value and boost sustainable development. 

The provincial industry and trade sector has given advices on regulations on local trade promotion as well as a litchi consumption plan. 

Apart from holding supply-demand connectivity and farm produce consumption conferences, the sector also acted as a consultant in the signing of a cooperation agreement on creating a supply chain from production to consumption with Hanoi for 2016-2020. 

More attention has been given to marketing and branding goods meeting VietGAP and Global GAP standards, including the Luc Ngan – Bac Giang litchi week recently held in Hanoi and the recent “Luc Ngan fruits – Vietnamese prioritise Vietnamese goods” festival, thereby giving more chances for local fruits to enter new markets. 

According to you, which barriers are being faced by Bac Giang’s fruits at home and abroad? 

Despite advantages, local fruit growers still face challenges such as unstable markets, reliance on imported materials, limited competitiveness due to products’ low added values, and weak post-harvest preservation and processing. 

Links between cooperatives and growers remains poor, making them passive towards price fluctuations while not many businesses are capable of shipping fresh fruits to new markets due to a lack of attention to labeling and branding. 

What are the department’s proposals to address barriers in farm produce production and consumption?

The department will continue giving advices on the implementation of the cooperation agreement on key goods consumption between Hanoi and Bac Giang, spreading pilot models of farm produce consumption, supplying agricultural materials and creating more production-consumption connectivity chains. 

On the occasion, I also asked the provincial People’s Committee and relevant agencies to develop the processing industry and infrastructure in rural markets. 

The department will update market developments, commodity prices, recommendations and forecasts via the websites,, and social media to better connect farmers and enterprises. 

In trade promotion, it is necessary to bring farm produce to major supermarkets and fruit wholesale markets in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City while maintaining contact with buyers from China, Laos and Cambodia. 

Relevant authorities and agencies will make it easier for all economic sectors to engage in farm produce procurement, preservation, processing and consumption as well as help businesses navigate new markets./.

Cao Minh Ngoc

Bac Giang, expanding fruit markets, a recent interview
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