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Bright prospects in organic tea growing model

(BGO)- Yen The is not only famous for hill-grazed chicken but also green tea. In order to improve the quality of this product, in 2018,  the provincial Center for Agriculture Encouragement built the first organic tea production model at Xuan Luong and Canh Nau communes. 

Yen The has total 520 hectares of tea cultivation mainly at Xuan Luong and Canh Nau communes. Previously, most of the local people took care of tea under the traditional method while a few households applied Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practice (VietGAP). 

Bright prospects, organic tea growing model, Bac Giang province, Yen The district, Xuan Luong and Canh Nau communes, traditional method, VietGAP

Organic tea growing model at Xuan Luong commune.

So as to improve quality, ensure hygiene safety and enhance competitive capacity of this product, in 2018, the provincial Center for Agriculture Encouragement built the first piloting model supporting 36 households at Xuan Luong and Canh Nau communes in organic tea production in the scale of 9 hectares.

Especially, the households participating in this model are supported with 50 percent of organic fertilizers and biopesticides to take care of tea. Besides, they are provided training in tea production techniques using organic fertilizers and bio-pesticides instead of irritants ensuring period before harvesting. 

Thanks to the proper application of technical process, the average productivity of tea product reaches 450 kilos per hectare each crop. The price of organic tea product is 20 percent higher than normal types because it ensures hygiene safety.

Dam Thi Sy living at Ven village, Xuan Luong commune said, “My family is growing tea on an area of more than 2,500 square meters. As joining in this model, we can see both economic efficiency and environmental benefits. This growing area yields 1 ton of dry tea per each crop. 

The organic tea product creates a pure green drink with natural flavor and light acrid taste which is fancied by many consumers. The product is purchased right after harvesting at the prices ranging from 150,000 to 200,000 VND (6.4-8.6 USD) per kilo. After deducting the expenses, we earn a profit of about 120 million VND (5,172 USD)”.

According to the leaders of Xuan Luong and Canh Nau communes, the organic tea growing model has gained efficiency which helps the farmers to access to clean tea production methods ensuring safety, enhancing economic efficiency and contributing to environmental protection. In time to come, the communes will continue guiding the organizations and unions to mobilize local people expanding tea growing area following this method.

Xuan Luong becomes green with tea fields
(BGO) – In the recent five years, Xuan Luong commune (Yen The district - Bac Giang province) has been known for its outstanding achievements in economic, cultural and tourism development. The advantages of the upland commune are being promoted. Especially, tea trees have brought a great source of income to the people here.
Bac Giang expands 100 hectares of safe Bat Tien tea growing area
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Ta Xua Shan Tuyet Tea
Ta Xua commune in Bac Yen district, the northern mountainous province of Son La, has been known nationwide for its over-100-year-old Shan tuyet tea which has a specially delicious taste.
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Vietnam’s tea exports are forecast to increase in both volume and value in the remaining months of 2017 due to growing global demand and limited supply.
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Bright prospects, organic tea growing model, Bac Giang province, Yen The district, Xuan Luong and Canh Nau communes, traditional method, VietGAP
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