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Green Ironwood Mushrooms produced in Son Dong district

(BGO) –The Mushroom Research and Development Center  (under the Agriculture Genetics Institute) is conducting the provincial level Technology Science Project of “Applying the technology science to build the model of green ironwood mushrooms production and development in Son Dong district, Bac Giang province”. 

The project focuses on constructing a model to produce the green ironwood mushrooms with the scale of 50,000 baskets (equivalent to 75 tonnes of materials), including 25,000 baskets grown under the sheds of Son Dong Cooperative for producing and consuming edible and herbal mushrooms and 25,000 others developed under the canopy of natural forest in Khe Ro.

Green Ironwood Mushrooms, Son Dong district, Mushroom Research and Development Center, Agriculture Genetics Institute, edible and herbal mushrooms

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It strives to produce at least 22 kilograms of dried mushrooms per each ton of fresh material on average. Also, the project realizes the model to make various products from the green ironwood mushrooms such as teabag, dissolve tea, green ironwood mushroom infused in traditional wine while completing the technical procedures to grow the mushroom and produce its sub-products so as to match with the local conditions.

The project is scheduled from now on till 2022 with a total cost of over 2.1 billion VND (over 90,500 USD) in which nearly 1,5 billion VND is mobilized from the provincial budget for technology and science task and the remaining is contributed by the locals.


Bac Giang invests nearly 5 billion VND in mushroom production
(BGO) – The Chairman of the Bac Giang People’s Committee has recently approved nearly 5 billion VND in financial assistance for a project on applying science and technology in the production of edible and medicinal mushrooms to boost productivity, quality and develop the local mushroom brand.
VN asked to enhance quality of farm produce to enter choosy markets
Although export revenue of agricultural products has grown in recent years to more than 40 billion USD, experts have said the figure may rise higher if Vietnamese farm produce can meet the technical standards of import markets, especially developed ones.
Over 100 billion VND invested in processing line of farm produce
(BGO) – The G.O.C Food Processing Export Joint Stock Company (G.O.C) in Tan Dinh commune, Lang Giang district (Bac Giang province)  has invested over 100 billion VND (about 4.3 million USD) in installing new processing line of farm produce. 
Local festival promotes oranges and farm produce in Ha Tinh
The People’s Committee of Ha Tinh province launched a festival of oranges and agricultural products on December 15 to honor local farm owners and enterprises in the cultivation and consumption of Ha Tinh agricultural products.
Vietnamese farm produce showcased at Ukrainian Food Expo
Vietnam’s key agricultural products, including rice, coffee, tea, cashew nuts, and peppercorn, were introduced at the Ukrainian Food Expo 2018.

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Green Ironwood Mushrooms, Son Dong district, Mushroom Research and Development Center, Agriculture Genetics Institute, edible and herbal mushrooms
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