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Bac Giang strives to ensure condition to export farm produce to China

(BGO) – Recently, the Chinese market has requested several condition when importing the farm produce from Vietnam and other countries. To meet the criteria and ensure a smooth product consumption, the northern province of Bac Giang has applied many solutions. 

The Chinese market requests all the imported agricultural products to have clear information about origin traceability, code of cultivation area issued by authorized agency and facilities to pack the fresh fruits. Basing on the requirement, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has instructed the competent agencies to review and list the concentrated farming area then submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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A lychee growing area in Hong Giang commune (Luc Ngan district) is granted a code.

Via verification, Bac Giang now is home to 149 lychee area codes, 48 longan area codes, over 100 citrus area codes and 18 melon area codes approved by Chinese counterpart with a total area of over 19,000 ha mostly in the districts of Luc Ngan, Tan Yen, Yen The and Luc Nam. Besides, 7 packaging facilities in the province have been accepted by the Chinese side. Hence, the enterprises, cooperatives and tradesmen must purchase the products in these areas to export to China.

After the area code is accepted, the districts and city have focused on guiding the farmers on caring technique. This year, the early ripen lychee in Phuc Hoa commune (Tan Yen district) has a high rate of fruit bearing (over 80 percent), but the borer on the fruit is the most concerning problem.

Vi Van Bien, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee in Phuc Hoa commune said: “The commune has more than 500 ha of early ripen lychee with the output of about 7,000 tonnes per crop, thus many tradesmen have visited the commune to buy the products for export for years. We always pay due attention to this issue to increase the fruit quality”.

Actually, many households in Phuc Hoa commune apply VietGAP procedure in lychee caring. Typically, Ngo Van Cuong in Quat Du 2 hamlet uses herbal plant protection product and bio-product to care for more than 2 ha of early ripen lychee while pruning and making the canopy to help the tree effectively absorb the sunlight and reduce the diseases. This crop, his orchard is well developed with an expected productivity of over 20 tonnes of fruits.

Accompanying the farmers, the enterprises quickly seize the information to meet the requested criteria. Hung Thao Export-Import Trading Company Limited (Luc Ngan district) exports about 3,000 tonnes of farm produce to Chinese market on a monthly basis. On this occasion, the company buys the mango in the Southern provinces.

Bac Giang province, farm produce, China market, export condition, smooth product consumption, origin traceability, code of cultivation area

Vifoco Export Import Joint Stock Company (Bac Giang city) is one of the facilities accepted by China for farm produce packaging.

Dinh Van Hung, Chairman of the Company Executive Board said: “We have timely collaborated with the local competent organisations and Chinese importing partners to conduct the steps as regulation. Besides, our company has invested in printing the package, stamping on farm produce before customs declaration”. Particularly on the lychee season this year, the Company has surveyed to know the production area with code to prepare the purchasing plan in the upcoming time.

It is coming to the harvest season of lychee, longan and other farm products. The active involvement of the authorities at all levels, competent agencies, enterprises and farmers will gradually remove the obstacles in exporting the provincial agricultural products to China as well as facilitate a smooth product consumption with increased value.

Tan Yen stamps on farm produce for origin traceability
(BGO) – Tan Yen district in Bac Giang province has paid due attention to supporting the local farmers in brand protection and stamp for agricultural produce’s origin traceability to promote the products’ prestige, hence helping them earn a good income and expand the consumption market.
Working together with farmers on Sunday
(BGO)- Without formal dresses, fashionable shoes nor high-heeled shoes, the officials of Phuc Son commune, Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province appeared in the work wear, boots and gloves with shovels to work together with the farmers on a Sunday. 
Support trademark development for community farm produce
(BGO) – The People’s Committee in the northern province of Bac Giang has approved for the project to build and develop the provincial level community farm produce in the period of 2019 – 2021, the Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT) reported. 
4.0 farmers on Hiep Hoa field
(BGO) – Hiep Hoa district is located on a breeding ground in the northern province of Bac Giang for investment attraction in industrial development with prominent achievement in economic structural change. Besides the industry and service, the local authority has paid due attention to exploiting the potentials to promote high-quality commodity agriculture. 
Over 100 billion VND invested in processing line of farm produce
(BGO) – The G.O.C Food Processing Export Joint Stock Company (G.O.C) in Tan Dinh commune, Lang Giang district (Bac Giang province)  has invested over 100 billion VND (about 4.3 million USD) in installing new processing line of farm produce. 

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Bac Giang province, farm produce, China market, export condition, smooth product consumption, origin traceability, code of cultivation area
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