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Bac Giang’s agriculture targets to top northern area by 2030

(BGO) – Since the Bac Giang province was re-established, the farming sector has gained  several key achievements. However, there are some shortcomings in the production. The Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Duong Van Thai granted an interview to reporter of Bac Giang Newspaper about this issue. 


What are the prominent results in the local agricultural production for over 20 years?

After 20 years since the province’s re-establishment, the local agro-forestry-fishery production has reached a quite comprehensive development with many positive achievements in spite of many challenges and difficulties. The results were made thanks to the concentrated instruction from the party and governmental authority of all levels as well as the active involvement from the whole political system, organization, society, enterprises and farmers.

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Vice Chairman Duong Van Thai visits model of freshwater pearl oyster farming in Luc Nam.

The growth rate of agro-forestry-fishery sector’s production value hit about 7 percent per year, higher than the average figure of the country and the Northern midland and mountainous provinces. In 2018, it reached nearly 20 trillion VND (864 million USD), 4.1 fold increase comparing to the figure in 1997 and 1.6 folds comparing to 2008.

The economic structure positively changed with the breeding ratio from 32.4 percent (in 1997) up to 46 percent (2018), higher than the average figure in the country. Meanwhile, the production value per cultivation area unit in 2018 reached over 100 million VND (over 4,300 USD) per ha per year, nearly 7.9 fold increase comparing to the number in 1997.

The province accelerated the delivery and application of advanced science and technology, new varieties as well as the mechanization, leading to a dramatic increase in the productivity and quality of plant and husbandry sectors.

Several concentrated production areas with big scale were formed in the province applying high technology to promote the advantages of each localities. The trademarks of many farm produce are widely preferred in both domestic and foreign markets such as Luc Ngan lychee, Yen The hill chicken, Chu rice noodle...

Besides, there were more and more linkages between the production and consumption of farm produce under the value chain while the cooperative economy in agriculture production was reinforced and well developed.

A due attention was paid to the trade promotion, trademark building, product label and package as well as market expansion. The National Target Programme to build new rural area has gained good result with Viet Yen district as new rural style district, 89 out of 203 communes qualified with the title of new rural style commune (accounting for 43.8 percent), exceeding the 2020 target set out by the Congress.

What are the shortcomings in the agricultural production in the province?

Though the provincial farming sector has gained significant results, there are several shortcomings. The production is unstable because it much relies on the weather condition, climate change and consumption market. The development is not sustainable and yet to fully tap the local potential and advantages.

Besides, the farming scale is small and scattered with the majority of household family. The linkage model of production and consumption under value chain is not truly popular. Meanwhile, investment in farming infrastructure cannot meet the development demand.

Bac Giang province targets to be a key farming region of the country and leading province in the Northern area by 2030, so what are the measurement of the province to recover the shortcoming and realize the set target?

The province will focus on developing two groups of products. The first group includes the local staples which will be planned and built under concentrated commodity production region, cooperated and linked under value chain with application of modern technology and science. The second group is the specialties in localities with small scale under the “One Commune One Product” (OCOP) model.

To realize the target, the local authority is going to inspect and orient the specialized concentrated production areas for the staple and signature products depending on the advantages of each locality and demand of the market; accelerate the delivery and application of science technology and mechanization into production as well as improve the quality of manpower to the agriculture sector and rural area.

Additionally, the investment support will be enhanced to expand the clean farming scale and areas to ensure the food hygiene and safety while renovating and developing suitable production type, completing the production relation with priority taken to set up new enterprise and cooperative which use modern management technology to organize production and consumption linkage.

The local authority has researched to issue the special mechanism in calling investment in the agriculture sector, especially strongly developing the industry of preserving and processing agro-forestry and fishery products as well as various career and service in rural areas.

The province also focused on promoting and building the product trademark, lable, package while changing the policy to mobilize various source to develop the agriculture. Besides, the implementation of National Target Programme in building new style rural area will be continued with higher and higher quality and scale.

Thank you very much!

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Bac Giang’s agriculture, top northern area, Bac Giang province, by 2030, farming sector, key achievements, agro-forestry-fishery sector
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