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Lychee gardens stamped with origin traceability

(BGO)-With an aim to meet the demands for export and provide qualified products to consumers, the gardeners, cooperatives and enterprises in Luc Ngan district, BacGiang province took initiatives to innovate the lychee production methods ensuring quality and food safety while undertaking traceability and responsibilities for their products.

These days, farmers in Chao Moi hamlet, Giap Son commune, Luc Ngan district are harvesting early ripen lychee. This year, Giap Son commune has nearly 700 hectares of lychee cultivation (nearly 100 percent of the total area) following VietGAP and GlobalGAP procedures for export. Currently, a large number of lychee gardens have been paid in advance and committed to purchasing at high prices.

Lychee gardens, origin traceability, Bac Giang province, demands for export,  qualified products, quality and food safety, VietGAP, GlobalGAP

Hoang Thi Lien’s family in Chao Moi hamlet, Giap Son commune harvests lychee.

Although Nguyen Van Quyen’s family in Kep1 hamlet, Hong Giang commune grows only 1 hectare of lychee, his family gains 10 tonnes of lychee fruit per each season for 4 consecutive years thanks to effective application of caring techniques.

In line with facilitating proper fruition, he applied clean and safe production process without herbicides, fertilisers and pesticides in the prohibited list. After harvest, lychee is treated, labelled and stamped with origin traceability.

“The commune has 700 hectares of lychee cultivation following VietGap and GlobalGAP procedures. In order to ensure product quality, the communal people’s committee established 17 groups and 2 cooperatives producing lychee. These groups and cooperatives supervise and guide each other to apply appropriate production techniques and procedures”, said Bui Huy Tinh, Chairman of the communal people’s committee of Hong Giang commune.

According to the people’s committee of Luc Ngan district, safe lychee production is essential to meet the requirements for export especially to high-ranking markets. The people’s committee of the district has had policy to expand the model entire the district in recent years.

Particularly, the people’s committee of the district directed the communes and towns to assign personnel to closely supervise the production procedures as a basis to certify VietGAP application to more than 23,000 households with total growing area of about 11,500 hectares.

As a result, the district maintains 217 hectares of lychee cultivation granted growing area codes by the US which is expected to yield an output of some 2,000 tonnes. Besides, the Chinese competent agencies granted tens of growing area codes while 14 packaging businesses in the communes and towns, a number of enterprises and cooperatives in Luc Ngan district meet the conditions for export to this most crowded market.

So as to create the production and consumption linkage and develop the trade brands, the people’s committee of Luc Ngan district connected and supported some enterprises to cooperate with local people in production and consumption.

Particularly, Hung Thao Trade and Export Company Limited in Luc Ngan district has prepared nearly 100,000 packages, labels and stamps for the order of 5,000 tonnes of lychee to Chinese partners.

According to the people’s committee of Luc Ngan district, in order to ensure the consignments of lychee for export and consumption labelled with traceability stamps, VNPT Vietnam committed to supporting local people with 50 percent of the stamp cost. The rest 50 percent will be covered by the district’s people’s committee to facilitate enterprises and cooperatives accelerating export of lychee to the US, Australia and Japan.

Besides, they inked the contracts with some 1,000 households and cooperatives in the district in production and consumption linkage. The company committed to purchasing all qualified products at high prices; otherwise, the households must adhere to the caring, harvesting and packaging procedures and quality requirements by the company.

This is the common trend when many enterprises took initiatives to negotiate and cooperate with local people. Some enterprises installed camera system in the lychee gardens for strict supervision while coding data to serve the demands for traceability and post-inspection of consumers.

Nguyen Thanh Binh, Chairman of the people’s committee of Luc Ngan district stressed, “This method helped local people and Luc Ngan’s government confident in lychee quality meeting standards and ensuring food safety and hygiene. The people’s committee of the district undertakes the product traceability and places responsibilities of the gardeners, enterprises, cooperatives and local government for lychee production, consumption and certification”.

Surveying to test Japanese preservation technology for fresh lychee in Luc Ngan
(BGO) – The Department of Industry and Trade has informed that a Japanese working delegation of JCFA led by Kakou on May 20 surveyed the actual production procedure and piloted the delivery of preservation technology of fresh lychee in Luc Ngan district, Bac Giang province.
VietGAP lychee in Tan Yen enjoys good price
(BGO) – Recently, farmers in Phuc Hoa commune in Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province has harvested the early ripen lychees. As of May 19, the selling price fluctuated from 23 – 37,000 VND (1-1.58 USD) per kilogram (doubling the last year price), especially VietGAP lychee was sold at 35 – 37,000 VND per kilogram.
Early ripen lychees sold at high price
(BGO) – It is harvest time for some orchards of early ripen lychee in the northern province of Bac Giang with small quantity of the fruits that enjoys  high selling price of 25 – 50,000 VND (1.08 – 2.15 USD) per kilogram.  
Tradesmen’s suggestion for lychee consumption
(BGO) – Though the lychee productivity is estimated to be lower this year due to unfavourable weather condition, the area of lychee cultivation under safe standard is expanded in the northern province of Bac Giang. To ease the consumption and introduce the lychee to a wider range of customers, especially in the Central and Southern regions, the entrepreneurs have contributed many suggestions to the local authority, sectors and growers.
Luc Ngan lychee yields some 80,000 tonnes
(BGO) – This year, Luc Ngan district in the northern province of Bac Giang has totally cultivated 15,290 hectares of lychee with an expected output of about 80,000 tonnes including 1,850 hectares of early ripen lychee (accounting for 12.1 percent) and 13,440 hectares of main season lychee (making up 87.9 percent). The harvest time will be scheduled on May 20.

Van Thuong

Lychee gardens, origin traceability, Bac Giang province, demands for export, qualified products, quality and food safety, VietGAP, GlobalGAP
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