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Expanding intensive farming areas with enterprise involvement

(BGO)- In implementation of the Resolution No 401 dated 3 April 2019 of the provincial Standing Party Committee on agriculture development strategy of Bac Giang province until 2030 with a vision to 2035, Yen Dung district go on their own way to suit the local conditions. Particularly, they continue expanding the intensive farming areas with involvement of enterprises. 

This time, farmers in Nam village, Dong Viet commune are harvesting watermelon in the vegetable intensive farming field while traders drive vehicles directly to the field to buy products.

Tran Thi Ha’s family has 1,440 square metre growing water melon 3 crops per year and another kind of vegetable.

Bac Giang province, intensive farming areas, enterprise involvement, agriculture development strategy, high economic value, production infrastructure

Farmers of Nam village, Dong Viet commune, Yen Dung district harvest watermelon.

“This year, water melon is sold at a good price, from 8,000 to 12,000 VND (0.3 to 0.5 USD) per kilo. We gain about 8 cwt of water melon per each 360 square metre earning profit of about 5 million VND (214 USD) after deducting other expenses”, said Ha.

Nguyen Van Hat’s family saw high economic value from growing cantaloupe in previous crop, thus he built greenhouse for this crop to reduce weather impacts on melon. An enterprise in Hanoi supplies him with seedlings and commits to product consumption after harvest.

With an area of 2,000 square metre growing cantaloupe, he expects to earn 200 million VND (8,585 USD), 4 times higher than normal melon species.

There are two vegetable intensive farming areas in Dong Viet commune including Bac (north) and Nam (south) villages with the cultivation area of more than 50 hectares. The main crops include water melon, corn and vegetables. The annual income reaches some 200 million VND (8,585 USD) per hectare each year.

Besides, the intensive vegetable farming areas in the communes of Canh Thuy, Tien Dung and Tri Yen have been maintained and promoted efficiency. Their products are provided to many supermarkets in Hanoi and a number of traders from Bac Giang and other localities.

As listed in the key products of the district, vegetable is paid due attention. The district strives to have 2,500 hectares of vegetable cultivation area by 2025 including 900 hectares for safe vegetables following VietGAP standards meeting criteria to supply for the supermarkets, industrial parks and food processing plants.

Currently, Yen Dung is one of the districts having the largest fragrant rice growing area in the province with more than 4,000 hectares per each crop. The trade brand of fragrant rice has been protected gaining good position in the market.

According to Hoang Huu Lan, deputy head of the Division for Agriculture and Rural Development of the district, thanks to many advantages, land type and favourable natural conditions, the district is expected to have more than 9,000 hectares of high-quality rice by 2025 in the communes of Tu Mai, Tien Dung, Duc Giang, Dong Phuc and Dong Viet.

The district strives to have 2,500 hectares of vegetable cultivation area until 2025 and 2,700 hectares by 2030 particularly in the communes of Tu Mai (250 hectares), Tien Dung (270 hectares) Duc Giang (180 hectares), Dong Phuc (150 hectares), Dong Viet (180 hectares) and Canh Thuy (250 hectares) with the productivity of about 53,950 tonnes including 1,500 hectares for safe vegetables following VietGAP standards.

To that end, Yen Dung gives priority to expanding intensive cultivation areas with linkage and involvement of enterprises to ensure consumption market for the farm produce. Besides, they established special policies to support and foster land consolidation to encourage and attract investors in agriculture and rural areas.

In addition, the district develops the cultivation areas to supply materials for food processing under planning. Currently, a business from Hanoi is negotiating with local people in Canh Thuy commune for land lease to produce banana products on the area of more than 50 hectares.

In line with the above solutions, the district has boosted promotion and expanding product consumption market. Besides, local people and cooperatives have been supported in trademark establishment, labeling, packaging and stamp for origin traceability.

It strives to gain 80 percent of the key, signature and potential products of the district labeled and stamped.

Besides, Yen Dung pays attention to improving the production infrastructure. After the cultivation condition is enhanced, the district will continue expanding the scale of high-technology application to attract enterprise involvement.

Luc Nam: Two more farm produce granted protection certificate for collective brand
(BGO) – The National Office of  Intellectual Property of Vietnam (under Ministry of Science and Technology) has granted the protection certificate for the collective brand of two farm products in Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province including Kham Lang taro of Agricultural Service Cooperative in Kham Lang commune and Bac Lung sweet potato in Bac Lung Agricultural Service Cooperative.
Deal signed to boost Vietnamese farm produce exports to Singapore
Wholesaler MM Mega Market Vietnam (MMVN) and CMM Marketing Management Pte. Ltd. Singapore on August 21 inked a cooperation agreement on exporting Vietnamese farm produce to Singapore.
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(BGO) – The People’s Committee in the northern province of Bac Giang has issued the project to build and develop the commodity farm produce that meet provincial level standard in the period 2019 – 2021.
Enterprises seek chances to export farm produce to Mexico
 A delegation of the Vietnam Food Association (VFA) made a working visit to Mexico from August 3-7 to look for chances to export rice and other farm produce to American country.
Bac Giang supports investors in processing and preservation facilities of farm produce
(BGO) – The enterprises investing in the processing and preservation facilities of farm produce in the northern province of Bac Giang will be supported.

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Bac Giang province, intensive farming areas, enterprise involvement, agriculture development strategy, high economic value, production infrastructure
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