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Expanding consumption market to Yen The hill chicken

(BGO) – Raising free range chicken has recently brought the main income to many households in Yen The district, Bac Giang province. To expand the consumption market and increase the income to the farmers, the district authority has applied many synchronous solutions such as breed standardisation, safe breeding procedure under value chain as well as accelerated the trade promotion. 

Annually earning thousands of billion VND

Now, the breeding households continue remaining the commodity chickens and developing new flocks to ensure the supply to the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday. Typically, Nguyen Van Trung in Tan Soi village, Dong Tam commune is raising more than 7,000 chicken under safe biology procedure, half of which are cross-bred bantam.

Expanding market, Yen The hill chicken, Bac Giang province, free range chicken, breed standardisation, safe breeding procedure, value chain

Yen The hill chicken is widely consumed by the tradesmen in and outside the province to bring high income to the farmers.

Trung shared that chicken has been raised favourably for recent years with stable consumption markets to be expanded easily. He can earn a benefit of 30 – 35 million VND (1,300 – 1,500 USD) per 1,000 heads with the current price of 60 – 65,000 VND per kilogram. Estimatedly, more than 7,000 chicken will bring him an interest of over 200 million VND (8,600 USD).

Besides, the family of Hoang Van Thach in Tan Ky village at the same commune is proactively caring for some 4,000 hybrid chicken under safe biology procedure. Recently, he has sold more than 2,000 heads and benefited 70 million VND (over 3,000 USD).

Exploiting the advantages on climate and soil condition, spacious hill, many households in Yen The district have actively invested in expanding the chicken breeding model toward commodity. Now the district is home to 4 – 4.5 million chickens, mostly in the communes of Canh Nau, Tam Tien, Dong Tien, Dong Tam, Dong Son, Dong Vuong and Xuan Luong.

By affirming the quality and trademarks, the hill chicken is stably consumed not only in the province but also other markets with the selling price of 55-75,000 VND per kilogram.

According to the district People’s Committee, the households have recently sold about 13 – 14 million chickens and gained a revenue of 1.3 – 1.5 trillion VND (56 – 64.8 million USD).

Especially, Yen The hill chicken was honored as the Vietnam golden agriculture brand by the Vietnam General Council of Agriculture and Rural Development in late August. Now, the brand is protected for industrial property at Laos, China and Singapore.

Focusing on origin traceability

The above results were achieved thanks to many synchronous solutions done by Yen The district People’s Committee to enhance the quality of the hill chicken. The Secretary and Chairman of the district People’s Committee Vu Tri Hai said it is the key factor to define the good breed in order to increase the product quality and appearance, thus the local authority mobilized 2.5 billion VND (108,000 USD) from the budget to implement the Proposal of developing sustainable commodity hill chicken in the period 2016 – 2020.

Expanding market, Yen The hill chicken, Bac Giang province, free range chicken, breed standardisation, safe breeding procedure, value chain

Many households in Tien Thang commune raise chicken under safe biology procedure.

Additionally, the district coordinated with the Institute of Animal Husbandry (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) to cross breed VP34 chicken with sufficient qualities of Yen The hill chicken such as strong, easy for breeding, good resistant to disease, high quality of meat for expansion.

The district also encouraged the investment attraction and establishment of new enterprises, cooperatives for processing and widely consuming the hill chicken. In 2017, Yen The Green Agriculture Cooperative set up to link the breeding households under the chain.

Apart from improving the breed quality, applying the safe raising procedure, the district People’s Committee has actively communicated and promoted the trademark of hill chicken for years to expand the consumption market.

In the last September, the district held a investment promotion conference to develop the farm produce, mostly the hill chicken. It was a chance for the scientists, enterprises in and outside the province as well as the breeders to meet and seek the partners, connect the product supply and demand for consumption; establish the close and stable linkage chain between farmers and market.

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Expanding market, Yen The hill chicken, Bac Giang province, free range chicken, breed standardisation, safe breeding procedure, value chain
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