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Oyster mushroom cultivation brings high income

(BGO) – Taking use of the available materials, some households in Cong village, Kien Lao commune, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) have recently invested in growing oyster mushrooms and gained high economic value. Mushroom cultivation is becoming a new career for the local residents.  

After visiting to learn about the mushroom growing model in some neighboring families, Ninh Van Duong in Cong village, Kien Lao commune invested in more than one thousand mushroom gourds and grew them in an area of 50 square meters behind his house in 2014.

Oyster mushroom cultivation, high income, Bac Giang province, improve the life, cultivation awareness

Ly Van Mong (left) in Cong village cares for the first crop of oyster mushroom.

He had the first batch of mushroom harvested after one month. Acknowledging the effectiveness, Duong has expanded the production and developed nearly 4,000 guards per crop since 2015.

Each guard gives 0.8 to over 1 kilogram of mushroom on average. With a stable selling price of 25 – 30,000 VND (1.08 – 1.3 USD) per kilogram, Duong’s family can earn about 90 million VND (over 3,800 USD) excluding all production cost from more than 4,000 mushroom gourds.

Applying the same method, Ly Van Mong in Cong village has actively cared for the first crop of mushroom. At the fist crop, his family grew over 1,000 mushroom gourds.

Mong shared: “Growing oyster mushroom has many advantages such as simple caring technique, high economic value that suits to the family with less production fields. Besides we can take use of the abundant off season labour. The products are clean and safe with easy harvest and consumption”. This year crop is expected to bring Mong some 30 million VND (1,300 USD).

Now, Kien Lao commune has more than 30 households (mostly in Cong village) to grow the mushroom to develop the economy. These models helped the farmers earn more income and improve the life.

According to Ninh Van Sap, Chairman of the Farmers’ Association in Kien Lao commune, to gain higher economic value from mushroom growing, the communal Farmers’ Association encouraged the farmers to expand the model to other villages of Khuon Than, Cam Vai, Ao Keo and Ha while establishing a production linkage group to ease them in experience sharing and product selling.

Oyster mushroom growing in Kien Lao commune opened a new trend for agriculture economic development. The model helped change the cultivation awareness and custom for many families to partly eliminate the hunger and reduce the poverty in the district.

Bac Giang encourages mushroom growing linkage chain
(BGO) – The Bac Giang provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has coordinated with Lang Giang district People’s Committee to support ­two local cooperatives in building the linkage chains of growing edible and herbal mushrooms as well as some hi-tech mushroom production models with the expenses distributed by the provincial People’s Committee.
Hung Vuong safe mushroom
(BGO) – Hung Vuong Agriculture and Development Cooperative in Khoat hamlet, Nghia Hung commune (Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province) is the first agency in the district to invest in the hi-tech process to grow the mushroom. The Cooperative’s product of “Safe  Vietnamese Mushroom” is now popular among many big supermarkets inside and outside the province, bringing an annual profit of 500 – 600 million VND (22,000 – 26,400 USD) and creating dozens of jobs to the local labors.
Lang Giang mushroom enters Bac Giang Big C supermarket
(BGO) – Tien Tien Agriculture Cooperative (Lang Giang district, Bac Giang) has officially signed a supply contract with Big C supermarket in the northern province of Bac Giang after many times of negotiation. 
Russula mushrooms - "pure gold" from Luc Nam chestnut forest
(BGO) – Grown under the canopy of chestnut forests, russula mushroom is considered “pure gold" of the forest thanks to its high nutritional content. Therefore, during its season, local residents in Luc Nam district, Bac Giang province, work their way to forests to hunt the special produce. Some people were so lucky that they could earn millions VND per day. 

Vu Doan

Oyster mushroom cultivation, high income, Bac Giang province, improve the life, cultivation awareness
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