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Making Luc Ngan specialty products more popular

(BGO) - This year is the 4th consecutive year Luc Ngan has organized a fair showcasing orange, grapefuit and typical products of the district. In order to affirm its position and make native products to reach out, the Organizing Committee said this year's fair will many new features to attract businesses, cooperatives, traders and visitors to visit and sign product consumption contracts.

Actively preparing for the fair

These days, the People's Committees of the communes, orchard owners and cooperatives growing fruit trees in Luc Ngan are busy implementing plans and preparing conditions for their participation in the fair of orange, grapefruit and typical products of the district.

Bac Giang province, Luc Ngan, specialty products, largest fruit tree area, careful preparation, OCOP products, sustainable environmental protection, community-based tourism

People in Thuong Vu village, Quy Son commune harvest fruits.

As one of the communes with the largest fruit tree area in the district (over 2,760 hectares, including 800 hectares of citrus), Quy Son commune defines participating in the fair as an opportunity to promote and sell its local agricultural products. 

With careful preparation, at all three previous fairs, Quy Son won the first prize for its beautiful booth. Therefore, in addition to bringing to the fair the best quality fruit products, the commune has also paid attention to the design of its booth. 

“This year, Quy Son will fulfill all the new-style rural area building targets so we plan to create a “picture” of new countryside with the local fruits, hoping to bring interesting surprises to the fair,” Tran Van Sang, Vice Chairman of the communal People’s Committee, excitedly said.

Quy Son currently has two cooperatives, a cooperative group that combines fruit production and consumption, and thousands of horticultural households. The Xuyen Viet Cooperative in Thuong Vu village was chosen by the organizers to set up a separate booth at the fair. 

nearly half a month, members of the cooperative have actively taken care of the orchards so that they can have the fruits with the best quality and appearance for display at the event. 

Nguyen Huu Xuyen, Director of the cooperative, said: “Not only selecting products with eye-catching appearance and the best quality, 20 members of the cooperative have also cleaned the gardens and walkways to welcome visitors and traders to visit and buy products. As the cooperative was newly established, we asked its members to raise awareness of producing clean fruits and branding”.

In Tru Huu commune, Chairman of the communal People's Committee Luu Anh Duc shared that the locality has established an organising board and persuaded businesses, good production and business households and orchard owners with an income of more than 500 million VND (21,475 USD) per year in the commune to participate in the fair. It has provided financial support and fruits for display, striving to win high prizes in the fruit quality and booth competitions.

Together with the communes, orchard owners and cooperatives in the district, the fair’s Organizing Committee has established sub-committees responsible for organizing, content and sponsor mobilisation... and assigned specific tasks for each member in popularisation and promotion of the images of the fair, marking to select the best quality fruits and beautiful booths, and shuttling delegations to visit and buy products... 

The district has directed relevant units to renovate and upgrade urban sidewalks in Chu township to soon put them into use.

Many new features

According to the Organizing Committee, this fair will have160 booths (an increase of 76 booths compared to last year). Of which, 80 will showcase orange, grapefruit and other local products with the participation of all 30 communes and townships. 

Luc Ngan now has 6,740 hectares of citrus trees, with a total estimated production of over 58,000 tonnes (an increase of 500 hectares and about 5,000 tonnes compared to 2018). In particular, the area under VietGAP standard is 255 hectares, up 155 hectares over the previous year. The orange and grapefruit products of Luc Ngan have registered for a collective brand since 2014 and the district is registering for geographical indications for these two products.

The remaining will be for nearly 80 enterprises and cooperatives inside and outside the district (up 30 units compared to the previous year). The fair will serve as a bridge for businesses, cooperatives and merchants to set up links in production and consumption of local products such as orange, grapefruit and other signature products of Luc Ngan including Chu rice noodles, honey, pollen, lychee vinegar and dried lychee... 

Through the event, visitors will learn more about the land, people, history, culture of the ethnic groups in the district; as well as its potential to attract investment.

In addition to increasing the number of booths, the Organizing Committee will arrange separate booths for cooperatives to help them promote and set up links in production and consumption of agricultural products. Especially, for the first time, the Green Dream Education Co., Ltd. has cooperated with orchard owners in the district to take tourists to visit and have experiences in the orchards. 

Deputy Director of the company Tran Thi Thao said that "Luc Ngan is blessed with many beautiful landscapes and orchards, which is the potential for tourism development. Our desire is to develop tours around the year but not only during the fruit harvest seasons for visitors to experience, towards the development of community-based tourism in combination with sustainable environmental protection”.

Cao Van Hoan, Permanent Vice Chairman of the Luc Ngan district People's Committee, said the locality expects that after the fair, many businesses and cooperatives will sign product consumption contracts from now until the end of the orange and grapefruit harvest season and following years. 

In fact, in previous years, after the fair, the sales of agricultural products in the area took place very smoothly. The fair is part of the activities to implement “One Commune One Product” (OCOP) Programme launched by the province. The communes will select the strength products suitable to the terrain and farming practices of each locality to register OCOP products.

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Bac Giang province, Luc Ngan, specialty products, largest fruit tree area, careful preparation, OCOP products, sustainable environmental protection, community-based tourism
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