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Yen The hill chicken protected in 3 countries

(BGO) - Endowed with advantageous climate and soil conditions, Yen The district in the northern province of Bac Giang has carried out a number of drastic solutions in recent years to foster commodity-based agricultural and forestry production.

The key products have been gradually increased in productivity and quality under value chains. Chicken is one of the major livestock products of Yen The district. The district maintains the total chicken flock from 4 to 4.5 million focusing on quality improvement to meet the market demands.

Yen The hill chicken, industrial property, 3 countries, Bac Giang province, advantageous climate, drastic solutions, forestry production, major livestock products

Yen The hill chickens are widely preferred by customers.

The concentrated production areas are located in the communes of Tien Thang, Canh Nau, Tam Tien and Dong Vuong. Yen The sells out more than 14 million chickens earning from 1.3 to 1.5 million VND (56,000 to 64,600 USD) annually. Hill chicken grazing has become a job and brought stable income for many farmers.

With its dramatic results, the product of Yen The hill-grazed chicken was granted certificate of trademark registration by the National Office of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Science and Technology in 2011. This is the first livestock product in Vietnam provided trademark and monopoly protection.

Yen The chicken has received prestigious prizes since 2011, particularly it was among 4 products of Vietnam to receive “The best products and food of Southeast Asia-ASEAN” Cup in 2013. To date, Yen The hill-grazed chicken has been protected for industrial property in Laos, China and Singapore.

However, it is quite difficult to identify Yen The hill-grazed chicken in the market. The cooperative model is limited and lacks of connection among farmers, cooperatives and enterprises causing pricing problems and unstable consumption.

In order to boost consumption of Yen The chicken, Bac Giang province targets at both domestic and export market but it gives first priority to domestic consumption especially in the capital and metropolises.

For export market, it is orientated to ASEAN and Chinese markets for the short term. Besides, the district will continue restructuring breed resources to ensure high quality of breeds, food and ecological hill gardens to enhance chicken quality to penetrate more difficult markets like Japan and Europe.

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Bac Giang develops bio-safety chicken breeding model
(BGO) – In 2019, the Agriculture Encouragement Center in Bac Giang province cooperated with Bac Giang Agriculture and Forestry University to execute the project to develop a bio-safety breeding model of color feather chicken that links with product consumption in the Northern midland and mountainous provinces.
Creating competitive advantages to lychee and hill chicken
(BGO) – All levels, sectors and local authorities in the northern province of Bac Giang have focused on mobilizing all sources to complete the national farm produce criteria for lychee and Yen The hill chicken in order to promote them to the big markets.
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Yen The hill chicken, industrial property, 3 countries, Bac Giang province, advantageous climate, drastic solutions, forestry production, major livestock products
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