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Luc Ngan 2019 Fair for orange, pomelo and signature products expand product consumption together with tourism development

(BGO) -  The 2019 Fair for orange, pomelo and signature products in Luc Ngan district was held from November 29 – December 1, drawing dozens of thousands of visitors in and outside Bac Giang province. The fair success created more opportunities to promote, introduce the fruits, special farm produce and food in the district to numerous customers in the province and across the nation. 

Scheduled event

On November 29 evening, the People’s Committee in Luc Ngan district opened the Fair for local orange, pomelo and signature products. The event was attended by Bui Van Hai, member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People’s Council; Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, member of the Central Party Committee, Chairwoman of Vietnam Women’s Union; Duong Van Thai, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee; Le Thi Thu Hong, Permanent Deputy Secretary, Head of the provincial National Assembly deputies delegation...

Luc Ngan 2019 Fair, Bac Giang province, orange and pomelo, signature products, product consumption, tourism development

Representatives cut the ribbon to open the Fair.

Not only the visitors outside the province but also the local orchard owners and customers were surprised at the talent, creativeness and hard-working of the farmers in Luc Ngan district.

In 2019, Luc Ngan has total of 7,000 hectares of orange, pomelo with estimated productivity of 50,000 tonnes of fruits. The fruit trees help bring a total revenue of over 4.3 trillion VND (185.7 million USD) in 2019 season, accounting for more than 70 percent of total agro-forestry value.

The event was the fourth season of its kind held in the district. According to the Chairman of the Luc Ngan district People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh, the Fair was organized successfully. The visitors’ accommodation and various activities at the event were on scheduled with absolute safety.

Luc Ngan 2019 Fair, Bac Giang province, orange and pomelo, signature products, product consumption, tourism development

The Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Bui Van Hai and representatives visit the booth showcasing the fruits.

Its highlight focused on the coordination between Luc Ngan district, the provincial departments and sectors to simultaneously organize the trade and tourism promotion activities in Hanoi city and Bac Giang province to interact and link to the Fair in Luc Ngan district; especially the open of the store to introduce the key and signature products in Bac Giang province as well as the orange and pomelo of Luc Ngan district in Hanoi capital on the morning of December 1.

Increase the product quality and value

The success of this Fair was greatly contributed by the orchard owners and typical farmers who directly produced the Luc Ngan characterized farm produce.

This year, the Hong Xuan General Service Trading and Production Cooperative (Hong Xuan Cooperative) in Hong Giang commune won the first prize in the fruit quality contest for the yellow flesh orange which was auctioned for 66 million VND (2,800 USD) for 10 kilogram.

Its Director Pham Van Dung shared Hong Xuan Cooperative has 18 members with more than 20 hectares of production area in Hong Giang and Quy Son communes. The key products include lychee, orange and pomelo in which the yellow flesh orange is grown in 11.7 hectares.

Luc Ngan 2019 Fair, Bac Giang province, orange and pomelo, signature products, product consumption, tourism development

The Fair attracts many visitors.

Additionally, a concentrated production area was formed in Tan Moc commune to cultivate the citrus trees. According to the Chairman of the communal People’s Committee Vu Duy Giap, the citrus cultivation area covers more than 1,000 hectares including 470 hectares of yellow flesh orange, 360 hectares of sweet orange, 180 hectares of sweet pomelo as well as green skin pomelo and V2 orange...

The farmers in Tan Moc commune estimated to earn 170 billion VND (7.3 million USD) from the citrus fruits in 2019.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Chairman Duong Van Thai expressed that Luc Ngan district is oriented by the provincial authority to develop as the biggest concentrated fruit cultivation area in the Northern region as well as the top leading locality in promoting and consuming the farm produce via diverse and flexible methods.

He opened and committed to creating the most favourable conditions to the investors who want to cooperate and invest in producing and building the value chain for the fruit trees and key products of Bac Giang province.

Agreeing with this orientation, Associate Professor, Doctor Bui Thanh Thuy (Hanoi Culture University) who was born in Bac Giang homeland with many plans to develop the local tourism and culture shared that Luc Ngan has several potentials to create special tourism products, especially linking the ecotourism, orchard experience to cultural and spiritual tourism.

If the locality can connect the strength of fruit production, completion of traffic system and utilities in close linkage with adjacent area of Tay Yen Tu, a new development will be surely made to draw the visitors and customers to Luc Ngan.

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Luc Ngan 2019 Fair, Bac Giang province, orange and pomelo, signature products, product consumption, tourism development
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