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Bac Giang proposes authority to allow Chinese traders to immigrate by tourism visa

(BGO) – Permanent Vice Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Lai Thanh Son has inked the document to request the Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT) to implement the lychee promotion and consumption methods, regularly grasp the market situation and daily report to the provincial leaders about the lychee consumption status, result and selling price from now on to the end of lychee season.  

The action helps the local authority timely instruct to handle any arising difficulties and obstacles when the lychee harvest season starts.

The DoIT should actively coordinate with the competent agencies in Lang Son, Lao Cai province and Pingxiang city, Hekou district (China ) to handle any problems during exporting lychee to Chinese market.

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The locals in Phuc Hoa commune, Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) harvest early ripen lychee.

The provincial Public Security should urgently report the Ministry of Public Security about the policy to allow Chinese traders to immigrate into Vietnam to Bac Giang province to survey, negotiate and buy lychee by tourism visa while enhancing the measures to ensure the traffic safety, social order for the locals, traders and businesses to consume lychee in the area.

Besides, all the best possible conditions should be created for the foreign traders in term of administrative procedures to consume the fruits.

The provincial leader also urged the relevant sectors, departments and People’s Committees in the districts and city to actively conduct the specific solutions to ensure lychee promotion and consumption as well as Covid-19 prevention and control.

The market situation must be well controlled to avoid any fraud in lychee consumption while any violation will be strictly punished.

The competent agencies should strictly supervise the production in line with proper procedure such as using allowed plant protection products to lychee while actively contacting the Department of Plan Protection (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) to know the technical procedure and standard to export lychee to other markers.

This year, the lychee output in Bac Giang province is estimated at 160,000 tonnes, up 10,000 tonnes comparing to the figure in 2019 with quality fruits. The harvest time starts from May 20 – July 7, in which early ripen lychee is harvested from May 20 to June 10 while main lychee is harvested from June 10 to July 10.

The major market to export Bac Giang’s lychee is China via two border gates in Lang Son and Lao Cai provinces. To date, 250 Chinese traders have registered to visit Luc Ngan district to buy lychee who will be picked up at the border gate then isolated for 14 days to ensure the Covid-19 prevention as regulation.

Bac Giang betters pandemic fight, facilitates immigration of traders to purchase lychee
(BGO) - Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Anh Duong, Deputy Head of the Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control of Bac Giang province chaired an online conference on the pandemic fight on 14 May.
Completing procedures to export the first batch of fresh lychee to Japan
The Plant Protection Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held an online meeting on May 14 with related Japanese partners to discuss measures towards completing the procedures for the export of Vietnam’s fresh lychees to Japan.
Provincial leader urges to surmount difficulties, expand lychee consumption market
(BGO)- Permanent Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Lai Thanh Son on May 12 afternoon had a meeting with leaders of the departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Transportation, Information and Communication and Public Security, PPC’s Office and the districts of Luc Ngan and Tan Yen about lychee consumption promotion in 2020.
Several big supermarkets place lychee orders
(BGO) – According to the Center of Industrial Encouragement and Trade Promotion in Bac Giang province (unde the Department of Industry and  Trade), the Center is now boosting up contacting to the distribution groups, wholesale markets, enterprises, traders in the province, country and foreign markets.
Luc Ngan implements measures to support lychee production, harvest, consumption
(BGO) - The People’s Committee of Luc Ngan district in northern province of Bac Giang has issued the plan on implementation of the measures to support lychee production, harvest, processing and consumption in 2020.

Thanh Nam

Bac Giang province, Chinese traders, immigrate by tourism visa, lychee consumption promotion, Luc Ngan lychee, early ripen lychee, major export market
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