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Luc Ngan sufficiently produces supporting commodities and services for lychee season

(BGO) – Though the main lychee season has yet to come, the utility manufacturers and service providers for lychee consumption and package in Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) become hustle and bustle for the upcoming season.

For more than 10 days, several weighting and packing points of early ripen lychee have been set up along side the national road No.31 from Phuong Son commune to Phi Dien commune (Luc Ngan district). 

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The refrigerating warehouse in Lan Hue facility in Chu town.

Though it is not the peak harvest time, the utility and service providers, especially ice bar and foam box have operated for months, event since last year to ensure sufficient source of supply for lychee package and consumption.

According to Vu Manh, owner of Lan Hue facility in Tran Phu area, Chu town, his family started producing 1,500 ice bars per day from April 30 to preserve in the refrigerated warehouse. Now the facility is producing more than 2,000 ice bars per day to serve the lychee consumption and package in Tan Yen and Luc Ngan district as well as Thanh Ha district (Hai Duong province).

To prepare for this year lychee season, his family invested over 800 million VND (34,405 USD) to repair the chilling systems, add salt, gas and restore the preservation warehouse. He estimates to make some 150,000 ice bars this season.

Besides, the facility also prepare 40 tonnes of nylon bags, 500,000 foam boxes and hundreds of tapes to pack the ice for lychee preservation.

With 3 factories to produce ice bar, Nguyen Duc Thai in Kep 2A village, Hong Giang commune now hires workers to clean the facilities, equipment and test the machine. “As schedule, I will operate one factory in June 3 while two others will be run when Chinese traders come to Luc Ngan to buy lychee,” Thai shared.

According to the Division of Economy and Infrastructure in Luc Ngan district, to date, 10 out of more than 40 ice bar producing facilities have operated. Many owners are afraid that the prolong Covid-19 pandemic will reduce the number of Chinese traders to the area so they only officially run their factory on the main harvest season.

Due to few number of foam box makers with low capacity in Luc Ngan district, they have operated early, even since the end of last year.

Particularly, Thien Hai Long Company Limited in Quy Son commune (Thien Hai Long) has inked contract to produce foam box with Chinese traders since early this year.

Its director Pham Van Thuc shared this year the Chinese traders requested all foam boxes to be dented with their name, address and geological identification of lychee, which proved that they highly value the origin of Luc Ngan lychee.

Thus, Thien Hai Long has prepared all materials and run full capacity all the day round since late March. With 14 machines, the company daily makes 6,000 foam boxes of all types to ensure the order.

Luc Ngan has 42 facilities to produce industrial ice, 3 factories to make foam boxes, ensuring to meet the market demand for 3.75 million foam boxes and 885,000 ice bars. There are 29 hotels and motels with 338 rooms available to serve traders to come to buy lychee.

The statistic showed that Luc Ngan has 3 foam box producers to supply nearly 4 million boxes per year and 37 foam box ware houses in the communes of Phuong Son, Phi Dien, Hong Giang, Giap Son, Chu town...

To sufficiently supply power to these activities in the district, Director of Luc Ngan Power Nguyen Duy Minh said the Company has generally inspected, repaired, installed and recovered the poor power transmission system to ensure sufficiently supply the power demand in the whole district.

Particularly, it guarantees enough power for the producers of foam boxes and ice bars, purchasing and packing points, restaurant and hotels to serve the lychee season in the area.

Bac Giang lychee introduced online to Singaporean market
(BGO)- The Department of Industry and Trade of Bac Giang province (DoIT), Trade Office of Vietnam Embassy in Singapore and Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) jointly held the online Promotion Conference on Consumption of lychee and key farm products of Bac Giang province in Singapore on May 29 morning.
Nearly 6,500 tonnes of fresh lychee exported via Kim Thanh Border Gate
Since the beginning of the season, nearly 6,500 tonnes of fresh lychees, worth more than US$3.6 million in total, have been exported to China through Kim Thanh Border Gate in Lao Cai Province, up 37% in volume and 39% in value compared to the same period last year.
Provincial Party Secretary Bui Van Hai orders to ensure lychee quality and well prepare for consumption
(BGO) – The Secretary of the Bac Giang provincial Party Committee Bui Van Hai on May 27 paid a field trip to inspect the lychee production and consumption in Luc Ngan district.
Room for Bac Giang lychee export to Singapore
(BGO) - The online Vietnam-Singapore Trade Conference 2020 will be held on 29 and 30 May. Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency together with the Trade Office of Vietnam Embassy in Singapore will help Bac Giang province to introduce lychee to Singapore market.
Phuc Hoa early-ripening lychees: Improved quality, favourable sale
(BGO) - At this time, Phuc Hoa early-ripening lychee (Tan Yen district, Bac Giang province) begins to enter the harvest season. This year, thanks to favourable weather and farmers’ application of VietGAP farming process, the fruits are big and good-looking. The production is expected to be much higher than the previous year.

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Luc Ngan district, supporting commodities and services, lychee season, Bac Giang province, main lychee season, lychee consumption and package, peak harvest time
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