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Bac Giang lychee well consumed at supermarkets and restaurants

(BGO) – As of June 14, Bac Giang province has sold more than 54,000 tonnes of lychee. Apart from the foreign markets, many provinces, cities, big wholesales markets nationwide, the fruits are now well consumed at many supermarkets and restaurants in the province.    

According to the Director of Big C Bac Giang Supermarket Ha Van Hung, since June 5, the supermarket has sold about 2 tonnes of Luc Ngan lychee to the customers. Now supermarket is applying various promotion and discount programmes to the lychee with the selling price of 19 – 22.9 VND per kg (nearly 1 USD).

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Luc Ngan lychee is sold at Big C Bac Giang Supermarket.

The lychee is input everyday to ensure the freshness with VietGAP certificate and stamp for origin traceability.

Beside fresh lychee, Big C Bac Giang Supermarket is well consuming several lychee originated products such as canned lotus seed and lychee pudding and lychee jelly with daily sold quantity of 150 – 200 cans to customers with the price ranging from 9.9 – 15,000 VND per can.

At Co.op Mart Bac Giang, apart from directly selling at the booths, the supermarket also introduces and sells lychee on online shopping application which helps consume 100 – 200 kg of lychee everyday, up about 20 percent comparing to last year volume.

Additionally, many supermarkets, stores and restaurants in the province introduce lychee into the meal to serve customers. Particularly, Hai Dang Restaurant (Bac Giang city) lists lychee into the menu in early season. As schedule, the restaurant will consume some 4 – 5 tonnes of lychee this year.

Vice Director of the Department of Industry and Trade Nguyen Van Phuong said the province will further accelerate the lychee consumption promotion activities in domestic markets to serve the population of about 100 million people.

To well fulfill the task, the Department has coordinated with the provincial competent agencies to implement various promotion and consumption campaigns, ink contract with the groups, supermarkets, wholesale markets, stores...

Vietnamese “U Hong” lychee to enter Australia on June 12
Nine tonnes of “U Hong” lychee, a type of delicious and sweet lychee with yellowish skin, are scheduled to arrive in Australia on June 12.
Promoting trade connection, expanding markets for lychee
(BGO) - On June 6, at the provincial Conference Center, the People's Committee of Bac Giang province in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held a teleconference to promote lychee consumption with 62 venues in all provinces and cities throughout the country and four others in China’s Yunnan and Guangxi provinces.
PM attends ceremony to send off trucks carrying lychee to major markets
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended a ceremony held in the northern province of Bac Giang on June 6 to send off trucks carrying harvested lychee for consumption to both domestic and foreign markets.
Bac Giang selects 66 orchards to promote lychee tourism
(BGO) – Implementing the instruction from the Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee about some key task in lychee consumption in 2020 season, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has coordinated with the People’s Committee in Luc Ngan district to select the orchards to introduce and promote to the travel agencies.
Japanese experts arrive in Vietnam to check fresh lychee for export
A delegation of Japanese experts arrived in Vietnam on June 3 to supervise the quarantining of fresh lychee expected to be exported to Japan shortly, according to the Plant Protection Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Hoang Phuong

Bac Giang lychee, well consumed, supermarkets and restaurants, foreign markets, Bac Giang province, big wholesales markets, promotion and discount programmes, VietGAP certificate
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