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Nguyen Tien Quan gets rich in hard land

(BGO)- After graduating from Hanoi University of Agriculture (now Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences), Nguyen Tien Quan living in Phe village, Van Son commune, Son Dong district has had a strong desire to get rich right in his home land while many of his friends want to settle in the capital city.

In 2015, he took a field trip to some large-scale pig farms in neighbouring provinces then he decided to feed sow and commercial pig under close process while opening a store selling animal feeds and veterinary medicines to local people.

Nguyen Tien Quan, hard land, Hanoi University, Hanoi University of Agriculture

Nguyen Tien Quan (R) guides farmers about passion fruit planting and caring techniques.

Together with his initial capital of 80 million VND (3,450 USD), he borrowed 200 million VND (8,630 USD) from the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. He made use of his family’s warehouse to build a new barn covering an area of more than 300 square metre. At the beginning, he bought 10 sows. After 1 year, they produced over 100 piglets and gained a profit of 108 million VND (4,660 USD) from the first harvesting.

In 2018, Quan established Van Son Farm Cooperative with 8 members and him as director. The Cooperative registered for many sectors in which focusing on farming development.

Before starting with passion fruit, he had studied this kind of plant on newspaper and its consumption market. Then he decided to grow 100 passion fruit vines in 0.5 hectares becoming the first person growing passion fruit in the district. After only 6 months, he harvested 5 tonnes for the first crop sold at 20,000 VND (0.86 USD) per kilo. The Cooperative gained big success. From the second year, the passion fruit garden yields higher productivity with an output of about 20 tonnes per year earning an income of some hundreds of millions VND.

Currently, Quan continues expanding the passion fruit growing model with 1.5 hectares towards organic farming methods to improve the product quality.

Besides, the Cooperative joins hands with local farmers to grow seasonal crops such as winter-season potato, pepper, zucchini, pineapple and some types of herbals growing under other plants’ canopies.

“With his experience, Quan is willing to share with and help needy households in seedlings and capital and lure involvement of local people in production”, said Vu Van Chien, Chairman of the Peasants’ Association of Van Son commune.

Bac Giang volunteers for a green homeland
(BGO) – In the Volunteer Youth Campaign (VYC) this summer, the youth in Bac Giang province has implemented several programmes and activities focusing on the content and effectiveness instead of the formalities. To date, many new models, creative methods have been realized by the youth union at all levels to contribute the youth strength in protecting the environment, building new rural and civilized urban areas.
Bac Giang launches Red Flamboyant Volunteer Campaign
(BGO) – The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (Youth Union) in Bac Giang province on July 9 launched the “Red Flamboyant” volunteer campaign and “2020 Exam Assistance” programme.
Bac Giang adjusts Rice Support Project to ethnic minority groups
(BGO) – The People’s Committee in Bac Giang province has decided to issue the Decision No.1299/QD-UBND to approve for adjusting the Rice Support Project to the ethnic minority groups, the poor King households living at the difficult areas to voluntarily plant the forest instead of rice farming on the mountain in Bac Giang province from 2019 – 2023.

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Nguyen Tien Quan, hard land, Hanoi University, Hanoi University of Agriculture
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