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Bac Giang successfully produces various high quality mushrooms

(BGO) – Not only forming mushroom production farms, the implementation of Project to support hi-tech mushroom production and consumption (Project) in Bac Giang province in the period 2016 – 2020 has recently created various products with higher quality and effectiveness comparing to normal one. Also, its output is much easier. 

Big benefit

Previously, Nguyen Tien Hien in Doi Chinh village, Dai Hoa commune (Tan Yen district) grew common mushroom varieties. After gaining more knowledge and experience, his family has recently developed straw mushroom which require strict caring procedure and favourable weather condition.

Bac Giang province, successfully produces, various high quality mushrooms, hi-tech mushroom production, mushroom production farms, higher quality and effectiveness

King oyster mushroom is grown in refrigeration chamber at the Center of Science and Technology Application (Department of Science and Technology) in Que Nham commune (Tan Yen district).

With the current price of 80 – 100,000 VND (3.45 – 4.31) per kg, Hien can earn nearly 200 million VND (8,600 USD) from 2 tonnes of straw mushroom, nearly 4 times higher than oyster mushroom. With the material to grow more than 100 tonnes of mushroom per year, his total revenue hit over 800 million VND (34,500 USD) or benefit of 400 million VND per year (excluding the production cost).

Tan Yen district has dozens of mushroom growers. To support the knowledge and consumption, the local authority and competent agencies encourage Hien family to coordinate with other households to establish the cooperative so as to help many other mushroom growers to get rich together.

Not only Hien’s family, the competent agencies have supported several cooperatives and households to develop and consume flammulina velutipes, king oyster mushroom....under the Project to support the mushroom development and consumption.

Several beneficial Cooperatives and households are Anh Tu Cooperative in Duong Duc commune, Dai Phu Agriculture Cooperative in Phi Mo commune, An Phat Cooperative in Tien Luc commune, household of Nguyen Huu Son in Minh Duc commune (Viet Yen district)....

These models get support to build the mushroom production and preliminary processing areas and chance to join training courses, hence improving the production capability to the cooperatives in terms of facilities, qualification and production experience.

Annually, each facility can use thousands of tonnes of materials to produce mushroom, create jobs and income to the labourers. The revenue of each model hit hundreds of million VND or more than 1 billion VND (43,100 USD) per year.

Attracting mushroom production business

According to the Division of Plant Production and Protection (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), the Project has timely encouraged the development and expansion of mushroom growing models in the province toward value chain under high technology application so as to create the foundation to promote the local available potentials in growing edible and herbal mushrooms become advantage products.

Bac Giang province, successfully produces, various high quality mushrooms, hi-tech mushroom production, mushroom production farms, higher quality and effectiveness

Cordyceps militaris is produced at Dong Hung commune (Luc Nam district).

Several new mushroom varieties with high value have been successfully produced in the province with increased rate of mechanization and automated application in each step of material process, caring, harvest, package and product preservation.

Particularly, several models are equipped with modern vehicles and equipment to reduce the dependence on the weather, thus enhancing the productivity, quality, value and competitiveness of the products to increase the growers’ income.

Vice Head of the Division of Plant Production and Protection Vu Tri Dong said: “To recover the shortcoming, in the upcoming time, the Division will consult the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to propose the provincial People’s Committee to continue issuing mechanism and policies to support the cooperatives and businesses to invest in hi-tech mushroom production with big and concentrated scale while encouraging the private economic sectors to expand the mushroom production models in the areas”.

Bac Giang city increase hi-tech farming efficiency
(BGO) – Implementing the Resolution No.130 issued by the Bac Giang provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board about accelerating hi-tech application in local farming in the period 2016 – 2020, the municipal Party Committee’s Standing Board has built the plan and instructed to execute it to create new breakthrough in agriculture production.   
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Lan – Thom

Bac Giang province, successfully produces, various high quality mushrooms, hi-tech mushroom production, mushroom production farms, higher quality and effectiveness
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