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Enhance competitiveness of Yen The hill chicken

(BGO) – According to the Resolution of the 22nd Party Congress in Yen The district (Bac Giang province), tenure 2020 – 2025, one of key tasks is to enhance the quality and trademark of hill chicken, improve the income for the local residents and boost up the socio-economic growth. 

After years of chicken raising as the major orientation in developing family economy, Nguyen Xuan Long in De Tham village, Dong Tam commune has dramatically changed his thinking in breeding the poultry. Now, Long and more than 50 members of Yen The Green Cooperative raise chicken under VietGAP standard to replace the scattered farming without strict control.

Enhance competitiveness,  Yen The hill chicken, Bac Giang province, quality and trademark, improve the income, socio-economic growth, VietGAP standard

The chicken breeding model of Nguyen Xuan Long in De Tham village, Dong Tam commune.

His family regularly raises 2,000 – 3,000 heads of commodity chickens with such breeds of Ho, Mia, cross-bred bantam...

Long shared chickens are raised scientifically under this method with record of production process, growth diary, raising time..., thus the products are positively welcomed on the market.

According to Hua Viet Doan, an officer of Division of Agriculture and Rural Development in Yen The district, to further exploit the local advantages, the district has focused on enhancing the quality of Yen The hill chicken product to create higher economic value.

Particularly, the district People’s Committee instructed the competent divisions and People’s Committee in the communes and wards to actively coordinate with several companies to launch training courses, consultation and guide the raising households to approach to new production method under VietGAP standard, establish the production linkage under value chain to help improve the product quality and value.

Meanwhile, the district authority instructed and built the concentrated commodity production areas with hi-tech application in several communes of Dong Tam, Dong Ky, Canh Nau, Tien Thang , Tam Hiep, Tam Tien which encourage to develop the working groups, cooperatives and support the raising farm with big scale...Thus, the district has remained stable herd of poultry of 4 million heads.

The actual production proved that there are some limits in producing, processing and consuming Yen The hill chicken such as the chicken raising farm at family scale, non-sustainable linkage chain, few chicken processed products...

The district has remained stable herd of poultry of 4 million head with various breed structure and adjustment of total herd in each period. Annually, the breeding households and facilities in the district supply 12 – 14 million chickens to the market with total value of 1.5 trillion VND (65 million USD), accounting for 60 percent of the local animal husbandry sector.

The Secretary of the district Party Committee Bui The Chung said to continue promoting the advantages and potentials of the district and trade mark of Yen The hill chicken, the district authority has defined to well implement some solutions, including to build and complete the district development plan in the period 2021 – 2030 with the vision to 2050, focus on instructing to well conduct the provincial Party Committee’s Resolution No.401-NQ-TU on April 3, 2019 about the strategy to develop the agriculture in Bac Giang province by 2030 with vision to 2035 by restructuring the farming production toward enhancing product quality and value (consisting of Yen The hill chicken).

Implementing the district Party Committee’s Resolution, in the upcoming time, the district People’s Committee will further encourage the development of breeding business, cooperative, working groups as the base to build the linkages under value chain while facilitating the production households, enterprises, cooperatives and working groups to access to the credit to invest in animal husbandry, processing sector so as to form the close linkage chains of breeding, preliminary processing, processing and consuming the products.

Moreover, the local authority has encouraged to expand the hill chicken farming models under VietGAP procedure, disease safety method to form the safe hill chicken farming areas and gradually improve the product competitiveness.

Besides, it is necessary to draw the enterprise, organization and individual to build the breeding supply and chicken processing facilities as well as invest in gathering and transiting sites or concentrated market of Yen The hill chicken at Phon Xuong town.

Bac Giang seeks to boost export of Yen The hill chicken
A workshop to seek measures to boost the production and export of the Yen The hill chicken products, and orientations for enhancing production of farm products and tourism development, has been organised by the Yen The district People’s Committee, northern Bac Giang province.
Yen The hill chicken protected in 3 countries
(BGO) - Endowed with advantageous climate and soil conditions, Yen The district in the northern province of Bac Giang has carried out a number of drastic solutions in recent years to foster commodity-based agricultural and forestry production.
Expanding consumption market to Yen The hill chicken
(BGO) – Raising free range chicken has recently brought the main income to many households in Yen The district, Bac Giang province. To expand the consumption market and increase the income to the farmers, the district authority has applied many synchronous solutions such as breed standardisation, safe breeding procedure under value chain as well as accelerated the trade promotion. 
Yen The promotes investment in agriculture-tourism development and consumption of hill chickens
(BGO) - On October 26, the People's Committee of Yen The district held a conference to promote investment in agriculture and tourism development and consumption of Yen The hill chickens in 2019. Attending the event were Nguyen Xuan Cuong, member of the Central Party Committee, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development; and Bui Van Hai, member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, and Chairman of the provincial People's Council.
“Yen The hill chicken” honored as Vietnam golden agriculture brand
(BGO) - The Vietnam General Council of Agriculture and Rural Development has recently held a ceremony to honor 75 golden agriculture brands of Vietnam in 2019, including “Yen The hill chicken” from the northern province of Bac Giang.

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Enhance competitiveness, Yen The hill chicken, Bac Giang province, quality and trademark, improve the income, socio-economic growth, VietGAP standard
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