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Vietnam sets 4-5% annual growth for livestock production for next five years

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has approved a strategy for Vietnam’s animal husbandry sector over the next ten years, aiming to achieve annual growth of 4-5% for the 2021-2015 period and 3-4% for the 2026-2030 period.

The overall goal is modernising livestock production, enhancing its competitiveness and sustainability.

Under the strategy Vietnam’s meat products will meet safety standards, farm animals will be handled in a more humane way and livestock production will be more environmentally friendly.

Vietnam, annual growth, livestock production, next five years, animal husbandry sector,  competitiveness and sustainability

Vietnam aims to enhance livestock production's competitiveness and sustainability in the next five years.

The amount of meat produced over the next five years is expected to reach 5-5.5 million tonnes, with pork accounting for 63-65%, poultry 26-28% and cattle 8-10%.

During the same period, the country has set a target of producing 18-19 billion eggs and 1.7-1.8 million tonnes of milk.

Vietnam also aims to export 15-20% of its pork output and 20-25% of its poultry and egg output.

By 2025 Vietnam is expected to have 60% of cattle and 40% of poultry slaughtered at industrial facilities, with the ratios increasing to 70% and 50% respectively by 2030.

With a view to 2045, Vietnam’s livestock production will be among the top in Southeast Asia, with most of its main products coming from biologically safe and environmentally friendly facilities.

In order to realise such targets, the government will introduce appropriate incentive measures, enhance disease and environmental protection capacity, and promote science, technology and international cooperation, amongst others.

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Source: NDO

Vietnam, annual growth, livestock production, next five years, animal husbandry sector, competitiveness and sustainability
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