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Luc Ngan sustainably develops citrus trees

(BGO) – In stead of encouraging the farmers to expand the citrus tree cultivation area, Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) has instructed them to enhance the quality of these fruit trees which proves as a correct way to bring high economic value.

Value increase by organic production

Recently, many communes have harvested yellow flesh orange and pomelo of all kinds. In Dong Quyt village, Tan Moc commune, several trucks came to buy the orange in early morning.

Luc Ngan district, develops citrus trees, Bac Giang province, citrus tree cultivation area, high economic value, yellow flesh orange, pomelo, organic production

The agriculture encouraging staff in Tan Quang commune visits the pomelo orchard of Mac Dinh Quang in Ap village.

According to Nguyen Tien Tung in Bai Say No.3 village, Tan Dan commune, Khoai Chau district (Hung Yen province), who has earned the living by buying orange and pomelo for years, the orange in Luc Ngan district, especially in Dong Quyt village is good looking with uniform fruits and sweeter taste than in other areas.

Thanks to production under VietGAP procedure, more than 2.5 mau (old measuring unit equal to 3,600 square meters) of orange and pomelo of Mac Dinh Quang in Ap village, Tan Quang commune always have good appearance and quality.

Luc Ngan has developed 6,740 ha of citrus trees including 4,141ha of orange, 2,252 ha of pomelo and 345 ha of other citrus trees. This year, total productivity is estimated at 63,750 tonnes of fruits, up more than 5,700 tonnes comparing to the figure in 2019 and 10,000 tonnes comparing to 2018.

Pointing to the pomelo trees laden with fruits, Quang said his family used to use chemical fertilizer for the crops that reduced the sweetness and caused bad looking thus the fruits were sold at only 20,000 VND (0.86 USD) per fruit.

Since he applied VietGAP procedure to grow pomelo, the trees have had more fruits, sweeter taste, higher productivity and quality. Some trees even have more than 300 fruits that bring revenue of nearly 10 million VND (431 USD) per tree. Last year, Quang gained more than 400 million VND (17,200 USD) from this area.

Expand VietGAP citrus tree cultivation

The citrus trees, especially sweet orange and yellow flesh orange have been intensively developed in Luc Ngan since 1995, initially by some households in Dong Quyt village. Nearly 10 years ago, the sweet orange was sold at 80,000 VND per kg while pomelo was sold at 30 – nearly 100,000 VND per fruit...

Acknowledging the high economic value, since 2000 Luc Ngan has continuously expanded the area and diversified the varieties such as yellow flesh orange, sweet orange, sweet pomelo, green skin pomelo, Hoang pomelo...

However, these fruits are now sold at only half price comparing to previous years. The reason is because the farmers mostly use chemical fertilizers to care for the crop so the trees and soils become degraded giving fruits with low quality.

Luc Ngan district, develops citrus trees, Bac Giang province, citrus tree cultivation area, high economic value, yellow flesh orange, pomelo, organic production

The tradesmen buy yellow flesh orange in an orchard in Dong Quyt village, Tan Moc commune.

Luc Ngan’s citrus fruits must compete with the several products in other provinces such as Hoa Binh, Son La, Lang Son...Therefore, the local authority and competent agencies in Luc Ngan district has instructed the local growers not to increase the citrus cultivation areas but focus on enhancing the fruit quality.

According to the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) in Luc Ngan, the district targets to quickly increase the intensive cultivation area under VietGAP procedure. Now, total citrus fruit area grown under VietGAP procedure hits more than 1,720 ha, up more than 100 ha comparing to the figure in 2019 mostly in the communes of Tan Moc, Tan Quang, Hong Giang, Thanh Hai, Phuong Son and communes in the low land.

Tang Van Huy, Head of the DARD in Luc Ngan district informed that apart from encouraging and instructing the orchard owners to produce under organic procedure, the DARD consulted the district People’s Committee to well manage the plan and area to grow the citrus trees; review the cultivation area in the low land with degraded soil and prepare the restructuring solution to develop other crops.

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Luc Ngan district, develops citrus trees, Bac Giang province, citrus tree cultivation area, high economic value, yellow flesh orange, pomelo, organic production
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