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Linkage in production and farm produce consumption in year end season

(BGO) – To prepare for Lunar New Year Festival, the farmers in many localities across Bac Giang province have focused on producing safe farm produce. Notably, many businesses, cooperatives have coordinated with farmers to form the production and consumption chain.  

Production and consumption under chain

With the 1ha farming model, annually family of Ngo Van Vuong (born in 1980) in the upper Luc Lieu village, Hop Duc commune (Tan Yen district) sells about 150 tonnes of commodity chicken. To prepare the product for the upcoming Tet holiday, his farm now raises more than 28,000 chickens for meat.

Linkage in production, farm produce consumption, year end season, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year Festival, safe farm produce

Farmer in Cao Thuong town (Tan Yen district) cares for the baby cucumber.

In spite of huge scale farming, Vuong is not worried about the consumption market and selling price because he has inked the sale contract with Japfa Comfeed Vietnam Company (Vinh Phuc province). Accordingly, the company provides the chicks, technician, food, veterinary medicine as well as buys all products with the price agreed previously which can be higher in line with the current market.

Actually, to enhance the relation in farm produce consumption, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has paid due attention to restructure the sector, increase the production model in which orient the business and cooperative to join the linkage chains, select the farmers to be partners to expand the scale.

In Yen Dung district, while most of the agriculture cooperatives hired the fields from the households to organize the production in the past, now many of them encourage the local farmers to join the linkage chain by self production on their own field following the general procedure.

Similarly in Hiep Hoa district, the role of cooperative in linkage for farm product consumption is affirmed day by day. Typically, Dong Tam No.3 Agriculture Cooperative in Thuong Thang commune links with the farmers in Binh Duong village, Ngoc Son commune to grow 5ha of baby cucumber, the farmers in Thai Son commune to cultivate 3ha of various vegetables for the upcoming holiday...

Changing the cultivation habits

Foreseeing the highly increasing demand for farm produce on Tet occasion, the localities in the province are now actively producing the safe products, enhancing the inspection for the quality as well as facilitating the consumption linkage.

Linkage in production, farm produce consumption, year end season, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year Festival, safe farm produce

The staff at the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development in Yen Dung district introduce about the local farm produce.

The Farmers’ Association in Hiep Hoa and Luc Nam districts held talks to support the prestigious farmers, enterprises and cooperatives to ink the production cooperation programme under value chain.

Tan Yen district has first ever supported more than 4 billion VND (172,590 USD) to 6 linkage chains in consuming the key and signature products, including sweet corn in Ngoc Thien commune (60 ha), potato under VietGAP standard in Dai Hoa commune (20 ha), Danh mountain ginseng in Viet Lap commune (1.2 ha), vegetables and roots for export in Ngoc Thien commune (10.6 ha), hi-tech flower in Phuc Son commune (0.4 ha) and Luc Truc bamboo shoot in Lan Gioi commune (4ha).

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) considered that though the rate of agricultural products consumed by the businesses and cooperatives under production linkage is low, it is a suitable way for the commodity agriculture production.

To expand the model for long time, the DARD has chaired and consulted the provincial People’s Committee to build the draft Resolution regulating the policies to support the production and consumption linkage for local farm produce in the period 2021 – 2025 to submit the the 12th Meeting of the People’s Council in the 18th tenure to be scheduled on upcoming December.

Director of the DARD Duong Thanh Tung said: “If the Resolution is approved, it will help open new chance for commodity agriculture production, providing farmers more opportunities to access to the markets and increase the product value. However, to gain a position, the producers need to have suitable solution and plan while seriously following the recommendation and regulation for safety production”.

Sy Quyet

Bac Giang’s key farm produce sold at supermarkets across nation
(BGO) – According to the competent agencies, 21 groups of products with 108 key farm produce in the northern province of Bac Giang have been sold at several supermarket systems like Big C, Hapro, Fivimart, Vinmart, Aone, Beehub, Co.opmart; many chains of convenience stores and safe food stores in the provinces and cities nationwide.
Bac Giang’s signature products to be introduced at Safe farm produce week
(BGO) – The Safe Farm Produce Week 2020 is scheduled on October 16 – 18 in Nha Trang city (Khanh Hoa province). The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Bac Giang province selected local signature products to showcase at the event.
Vifoco introduces local farm produce to foreign markets
(BGO) – While many enterprises in the northern province of Bac Giang have recently got serious impact by Covid-19 pandemic, Vifoco Import Export Joint Stock Company (Vifoco) has kept stable operation by purchasing the local farm produce, processing them and exporting various products regularly as inked contracts.
Linkage in production, farm produce consumption, year end season, Bac Giang province, Lunar New Year Festival, safe farm produce
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