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Luc Ngan strives to become national key fruit growing area

(BGO)- Blessed with favourable natural conditions and hard working people, the land of Luc Ngan produces many types of delicious fruits making this land become the “corporation of fruit trees” in the province. With its advantages, Luc Ngan is gradually establishing the national key fruit growing area.

The land of all-year round sweet fruits

This time, the fruits in Luc Ngan are in harvest season; thus, we can see golden yellow orange and pomelo gardens giving off their fragrance everywhere. This year, the farmers continue enjoying a bumper crop of citrus fruits.

With an area of 7,000 hectares, the output of orange and pomelo is estimated at nearly 6,000 tonnes. Enjoying stable prices, many orchard owners gain high profits. Specially, the product quality has been increasingly improved thanks to cultivation under VietGAP and organic procedures.

Luc Ngan,national key fruit growing area,

This year, the farmers continue enjoying a bumper crop of citrus fruits.

According to Luc Ngan district’s estimate, the district can earn about 1 trillion VND (43.5 million USD) from fruits in this crop.

Apart from orange and pomelo, Luc Ngan has other types of fruits such as jujube, dragon fruit and guava, especially lychee, the key plant with 15,290 hectares yielding an annual output of about 90,000 to 130,000 tonnes

At first, lychee was consumed only in domestic market or exported to China through borders but now Luc Ngan lychee is consumed in some high demanding markets such as Europe, the US and Japan. The lychee season is followed by longan. The crops continue each other making Luc Ngan become a land of all year round fruits.

Expanding growing areas and production linkage under value chains

The fruit products of Luc Ngan have become popular and interested by domestic and foreign consumers. Taking its advantages, the district strives to “build Luc Ngan into the key national fruit growing area in the period from 2020 to 2025 and years to come”.

In fact, the process of developing fruit trees shows limitations, particularly the people’s living environment is affected. Hence, the district pays attention to applying technology advancement, guiding farmers to use organic fertilizers and biological pesticides.

Besides, it is necessary to choose good kinds of crops, which are able to adapt to climate changes and suit the soil types of Luc Ngan. The district will also attract and encourage farm-processing industry with supporting mechanism and policies for enterprises to build preservation, in-dept processing and high-tech processing plants. They will also continue promoting and establishing the local trademarks aiming at the national trademarks.

In line with the above solutions, the district will plan to expand the concentrated production areas cultivating the key and signature products of the district, which is integrated in the provincial master plan in 2021-2030 period with a vision to 2050.

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Luc Ngan,national key fruit growing area,
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