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Bac Giang’s agriculture sees spectacular growth

(BGO) - In 2020, Bac Giang province's economic growth reached more than 13 percent, in the top of the country. The highest expansion was seen in agro-forestry-fishery with 6.7 percent, double the initial estimate and the highest ever so far.

The outstanding result in agricultural production in 2020 was that farmers enjoyed a "double" bumper harvest, with high yields and high prices. The Covid-19 pandemic appeared at a time when the lychee was about to be harvested. Dealing with this situation, from the beginning, Bac Giang actively built scenarios for lychee sale. 

Thanks to that, Bac Giang lychee had a big win, especially being exported to Japan via official channels. Nguyen Van Quyen, a resident of Kep 1 village, Hong Giang commune (Luc Ngan district) said: “Fortunately, with the efforts of the district and province, all of the more than 20 tonnes of lychee from local households were shipped to China and the US”.

Bac Giang, agriculture , spectacular growth

Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Le O Pich and leaders of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development visit the Luc Ngan fruit area.

Not only lychee, custard-apple, longan, and citrus trees of Bac Giang enjoyed high yields and selling prices. In 2020, the province saw a strong increase in autumn-winter rice yield.

Livestock also contributed greatly to the growth of the agricultural sector. The household of Nguyen Van Doan in Xuan Huong commune (Lang Giang district), raises more than 50 sows and about 200 commercial pigs per batch. His family earns an average profit of 100 million VND (4,300 USD) per month. Large-scale livestock farms in Ngoc Chau and Viet Ngoc communes (Tan Yen district) or Dong Son commune (Bac Giang city); Thuong Thang and Luong Phong communes (Hiep Hoa district) gain profits of tens of billion VND per year. With high prices and favorable sale, farmers have actively raised new herbs. Now, Bac Giang's total herd of pigs reaches more than 1 million, an increase of more than 500,000 compared to the time of African swine fever outbreak and nearly equal to the pre-pandemic period. Poultry herd has increased strongly with more than 18 million, up nearly 3 percent over the previous year, with favorable sale.

Bac Giang, agriculture , spectacular growth

A room to preserve chicken eggs before hatching at DABACO Breeding Chicken Center in Tam Tien commune (Yen The district).

The two main fields, crop cultivation and animal husbandry, enjoying good harvests and prices had a great significance, making the production value of the province’s agro-forestry-fishery sector in 2020 reach more than 31 trillion VND (1.34 billion USD), an increase of 6.7 percent over the previous year and the highest ever so far. This achievement ranked Bac Giang’s agriculture first in the northern midland and mountainous region and third in the north.

Determining that agriculture continues to play a particularly important role in the province's socio-economic development strategy, in 2021 the province strives for the agriculture sector’s growth of about 2 percent compared to 2020. This is an extremely difficult task because 2020 was the peak of growth and it is not easy to achieve a higher rate in the following year.

Bac Giang, agriculture , spectacular growth

The commercial cow raising model in Dong Lo commune (Hiep Hoa district).

Le O Pich, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, said that the province's agricultural production in recent years has achieved many great and comprehensive achievements. However, after expansion in quantity, it is necessary to pay attention to in-depth growth, which is to improve product quality and value. Amid opportunities and challenges in the new situation, the province needs to quickly apply new advances in production, identifying it as a breakthrough task and solution to improve productivity, quality and efficiency, thus meeting requirements of the domestic market and export. In which, priority should be given to research, transfer and application of science and technology in developing high-tech, organic and clean agriculture.

Following the direction of the province, the local agriculture sector has built production plans, focusing on areas where there is room for growth; mobilizing resources for investment in infrastructure; building closed chains; and organic agricultural production. By 2025, the province aims to have 70 percent of total area for safe vegetable and fruit growing and disease-free livestock breeding farms. At the same time, the province will build consumption channels that connect supply with demand as well as the production area with the distribution system of key agricultural products in domestic and international markets.

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Bac Giang, agriculture , spectacular growth
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