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Bac Giang: Successes obtained thanks to application of new technology

(BGO) - The fourth industrial revolution has created breakthrough achievements. Farmers and business owners in Bac Giang province have applied scientific advances in agricultural production, obtaining high economic efficiency.

Automatic fish farming

Visiting the fish farming model of Tran Dinh Hoan's family in Kim Son village, Thuong Lan commune (Viet Yen district), we were surprised at the application of fish care technology here.

Bac Giang, successes, application of new technology

Tran Dinh Hoan (left) introduces automatic fish care technology.

Having experience in mechanics and electricity, he installed some additional items such as air fans and air compressors in ponds. After that, he continued to spend time learning about automation in aquaculture and chose the right technology. All processes from fish feeding and aeration to air conduction are all operated through smartphones. Through the remote surveillance camera system, if the fish shows different signs or it is unusually hot, he can operate a supplemental oxygen aerator with the phone.

The application of new technology has not only reduced fish care efforts, but also enabled him and his wife do other jobs at home. With 2 hectares of water surface, Hoan built two breeding fish ponds and three commercial fish ponds. Thanks to proper caring techniques and modern support systems, fish populations have grown quickly. On average, Hoan collects two batches of fish (about 13 tonnes each), earning over 300 million VND (13,000 USD) in profit.

Raising chicken in air-conditioned rooms

The chicken breeding and propagating technology at Dabaco Yen The Breeder Chicken Farm in Tam Tien commune (Yen The district), is assessed by the Bac Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development as the most modern today.

Bac Giang, successes, application of new technology

Grandparent chicken breeding area at Dabaco Yen The Breeder Chicken Farm.

Built on an area of nearly 5 hectares, the farm includes items such as a system of seven self-contained houses with a capacity of about 60,000 original breeder chickens; hatchery area; control center; food and tool storage; clean water treatment plant and transformer station; environmental treatment system... In the breeding area, the unit installed an air conditioning system to maintain the best temperature for chickens growing, at about 25-26 degrees Celsius, while mixing probiotics into food and treating waste strictly, so the barns are deodorized. There are also automatic food and drinking water provision systems. The egg transport lines are also automatic.

Engineer Nguyen Khanh Du, head of the farm’s Technical Department, said that the entire system of chicken barns, and breeding and hatching equipment of the farm are imported from Europe and the US, connected to the computer system at the control center and operated under the pre-installed software. Each year, the facility produces about 5 million parent chickens, mainly supplying to Dabaco Group's hatcheries and breeding farms nationwide.

Precious medicinal plants on the edge of the village

Arriving in Duong Duc commune (Lang Giang district), just asking for the name of ADENCO Medicinal Mushroom Company Limited, we were enthusiastically shown by locals the way to Dong Giang village. Despite having in-depth knowledge obtained from the Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, in 2015, Luong Van Tu (born in 1979), Director of the company, officially started growing mushrooms on a large scale. Initially, he grew edible mushrooms such as oyster mushroom, straw mushroom and wood ear fungus. Until 2018, he expanded to producing medicinal mushrooms.

Bac Giang, successes, application of new technology

Director of ADENCO Medicinal Mushroom Company Limited Luong Van Tu inspects cordyceps products.

The company has invested more than 3 billion VND (130,110 USD) in building 1,200sq.m of workshop to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms. Each year, the output reaches from 50-70 tonnes of products, including about 100 kg of dried cordyceps, earning total revenue of 2 billion VND (86,730 USD). A special feature of ADENCO Medicinal Mushroom Co., Ltd. is the application of the technique of directly transplanting fungi on silkworms, silkworm pupae and worms, creating products with high value in nutrients and medicinal properties. With its methodical and professional production, the cordyceps of the company has been certified as the provincial 3-star OCOP product. Products bearing the ADENCO brand are honored to represent the province at many trade fairs and events.

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Bac Giang, successes, application of new technology
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