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Linkage in animal husbandry eases consumption with stable price

(BGO) – Thanks to the support in breeds, caring technique, animal food and product consumption with stable price, the households under bio-safety chicken raising linkages in the districts of Yen The,Tan Yen and Hiep Hoa in Bac Giang province always keep comfortably production. The effectiveness of linkage chain opens up sustainable animal farming orientation. 

Mutual benefit

In June 2020, the provincial People’s Committee approved for the plan to support the linkage chain of bio-safety chicken farming with 16 participating households (7 households in Yen The, 6 in Tan Yen and 3 in Hiep Hoa districts).

Linkage in animal husbandry, Bac Giang province, eases consumption, stable price, Bac Giang province, linkage chain, sustainable animal farming orientation

Chu Van Lai (left) raises chicken under the inspection of business.

It links 22,800 free range chicken per year while Hai Thinh Company Limited is assigned to chair the linkage from 2020 to 2022. The linkage methods are to supply input materials and service, organize production and harvest in close connection with consumption...

Accordingly, the households receive 50 percent of breed cost, 40 percent of animal food, 40 percent of vaccination cost, 40 percent of bio-safety product and 50 percent of package printing charge in the first year. In the second and third years, the parties pay by themselves for the implementation cost as approved plan. Total expenses hit over 2.3 billion VND (100,000 USD) including 980 million VND from the budget and remaining amount from participants.

Giap Quang Trung in Tan Van village, An Thuong commune (Yen The district) has raised chicken for meat for 20 years with total of 3-4,000 head per year (nearly 10 tonnes of chicken). Previously, the chicken raising was not so smoothly because of the unstable market and selling price leading to unbalanced supply and demand. His animal farming model becomes more stably when his family joined the linkage chain with Hai Thinh Company Limited in the middle of 2020.

Similarly, Chu Van Lai and 5 other households in Hoa Son village, Cao Thuong town (Tan Yen district) have cooperated with Hai Thinh Co.,Ltd to raise free range chicken since the middle of 2020 with the scale of 2,000 head per household per year.

Lai shared that under the linkage, we “see” the interest from the initial stage so do hope the business can increase the scale and productivity so that we can earn stable and high income.

Expanding models with other breeds

According to Le Van Hung, Vice Director of Hai Thinh Co.,Ltd, the company annually supply about 200,000 chicken to the market. To have stable source of material and minimize the risk in case of disease infection, the company has chosen to link to many households in and outside the province apart from its concentrated breeding factories.

Linkage in animal husbandry, Bac Giang province, eases consumption, stable price, Bac Giang province, linkage chain, sustainable animal farming orientation

After earning interest, Giap Quang Trung (left) continues raising more 1,000 chicken.

Owning a close production chain from breed, animal food, purchasing, slaughtering, the linkage helps Hai Thinh Co.,Ltd keep a stable output of chicken breed, food; buy the input chicken. Ensuring the benefit to all parties in the linkage, since early this year, the Company has inked contracts to several supermarkets in the country with stable price (only change with agreement).

Hung shared: “The provincial People’s Committee assigned us to chair the chicken raising linkage, helping us firmly believe in the development strategy in the future. As schedule, this year we will increase the number of chicken under linkage up to 80,000 head”.

To expand the model of linkage chain of Hai Thinh Co.,Ltd and support the businesses, cooperatives, households raising cattle and poultry, this year the provincial Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine (DAHVM) has built 3 bio-safety farming linkage chains, including 1 goat farming chain,1 pig raising chain and 1 duck raising chain.

The total implementation expense is expected to hit more than 10 billion VND (over 435,000 USD), in which the state supports over 3 billion VND and remaining amount is invested by participants. The implementation time lasts from now on till 2023.

Director of DAHVM Le Van Duong said basing on the current regulation on supporting policy to linkage of farming production and product consumption in the province in the period of 2021 – 2025, the linkage chains help the cattle and poultry husbandry businesses, cooperatives, households coordinate to each others to build and develop value chain of products sustainably, enhance income and benefit of participants.


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Linkage in animal husbandry, Bac Giang province, eases consumption, stable price, Bac Giang province, linkage chain, sustainable animal farming orientation
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