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Early custard apples in Bac Giang enjoys high price and smooth consumption

(BGO) – It is coming to the harvest time for early ripening custard apples in some communes in Luc Nam district (Bac Giang province) such as Nghia Phuong and Dong Phu.  

According to Hoang Van Huong, Director of Nghia Phuong Custard Apple Cooperative, the early ripening fruits are sold right at the orchard at about 40 – 45,000 VND per kg (1.75 – 1.97 USD), 5,000 VND higher than the same period last year.

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A package facility of Nghia Phuong Custard Apple Cooperative in Suoi Van village.

Thanks to favourable weather with much moisture, the custard apples in the first season this year are big and equal in size with better appearance than last crop. Currently, many customers have placed order to buy local fruits.

Local farmers get used to the intensive cultivation technique. Mean while, Luc Nam custard apple was recognized as One Commune One Product in the province, which helps encourage the growers to be more active in caring for this special fruit.

This season, Luc Nam district has 1,730 ha of custard apple, up 10 ha year on year, with estimated productivity of 14,200 tonnes of fruits, much higher than previous crop.

The fruits will be harvested from now on till November. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the district has focused on online sale on e-commerce platforms.


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Early custard apples, Bac Giang province, high price, smooth consumption, Luc Nam district, OCOP, early ripening custard apples
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