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Bac Giang actively works to sell oranges, grapefruits

(BGO) - There is more than a month left for Bac Giang’s oranges and grapefruits to enter the main harvest season. For the products to be sold smoothly, localities and relevant agencies have coordinated to come up with plans to find consumption markets for the fruits, helping local farmers to sell them conveniently.

Taking care of the trees to produce beautiful and quality fruits

At this time, many gardeners in the province have harvested early-ripening grapefruits such as Soi Ha, Da Xanh (green skin) and Hoang, with total output estimated at more than 500 tonnes. The selling price is quite high, ranging from 25,000 VND to 35,000 VND (1.1-1.53 USD) per kg.

Bac Giang province, actively works, sell oranges, grapefruits, main harvest season, consumption markets,  beautiful and quality fruits, promotion and sale

The grapefruit garden of a resident in Thanh Hai commune (Luc Ngan).

In particular, in Luc Ngan, which houses the largest area of citrus trees in the province, locals both harvest early-ripening grapefruits and take care of the trees, embellish and clean gardens and yards, standing ready to welcome visitors.

Tang Van Huy, head of the district Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that in addition to asking people in the district to actively take care of the orange and grapefruit areas, the unit has selected 255 households having beautiful orchards with an output of 15 tonnes of oranges or grapefruits per crop or more to welcome visitors.

A representative of the Division of Agriculture and Rural Development of Luc Nam district said that 485 hectares of citrus trees in the district are being well cared for, with an estimated output of nearly 2,200 tonnes. A number of traders have come here to study and order products. In order to help grapefruit growers expand their consumption markets and promote the value of this crop, Luc Nam district is supporting the Mai Suu Agricultural Service Cooperative to develop an One Commune One Product (OCOP) product: Mai Su Grapefruit.

Diversifying forms of promotion and sale

The province has more than 10,750 hectares of citrus trees. This crop’s total output is estimated at 82,000 tonnes, similar to last year. Particularly, Luc Ngan has 6,740 hectares, including more than 4,140 hectares of orange and 2,250 hectares of grapefruit, with a total estimated production of nearly 60,000 tonnes.

Bac Giang province, actively works, sell oranges, grapefruits, main harvest season, consumption markets,  beautiful and quality fruits, promotion and sale

Nghiem Xuan The in Phong Quang village, Dong Phu commune (Luc Nam) takes care of his family's grapefruit garden.

The People's Committee of Luc Ngan district has developed two scenarios for selling oranges and grapefruits. The first one: the Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated in the country, but stable in Bac Giang; and the second one: The pandemic hits the district.

In both scenarios, the district defines that it will focus on selling fresh fruits, about 55,000 tonnes, in the domestic market and the rest will be processed to make juices or dried.

In scenario 2, identifying that traders are unable to enter, the district People's Committee will regularly inform traders about the production situation and regulations on goods circulation in the market in provinces and cities throughout the country. It will help traders and drivers with quick Covid-19 tests and guide the issuance of goods transport permits in line with regulations on pandemic prevention and control. Activities to promote trade, advertise and introduce products will be organized through teleconferences.

Bac Giang province, actively works, sell oranges, grapefruits, main harvest season, consumption markets,  beautiful and quality fruits, promotion and sale

Luc Ngan district will select and introduce reputable gardeners to major firms to sign contracts.

Nguyen The Thi, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Luc Ngan district, said that this year the locality will not hold a fair of oranges, grapefruits and signature products because of concerns over the Covid-19 outbreak. Instead, it will organize a week displaying oranges and grapefruits in combination with orchard tours and spiritual tourism. In addition, the district will also introduce prestigious gardeners with large output to major firms to sign contracts to purchase oranges and grapefruits to be served in workers' meals.

A representative of the Bac Giang Center for Industrial Encouragement and Trade Promotion said that, in order to help farmers, organizations and individuals produce and sell oranges and grapefruits smoothly, the center will coordinate with localities to connect with large trading centers and wholesale markets; invite leading distributors and retailers in Vietnam such as GO, SaiGon.Coop, Hapro and Vinmart to bring Bac Giang oranges and grapefruits into their distribution channels. At the same time, it will partner with e-commerce floors to promote and sell the products on e-commerce trading floors.


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Bac Giang province, actively works, sell oranges, grapefruits, main harvest season, consumption markets, beautiful and quality fruits, promotion and sale
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