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Four star OCOP product of informatics engineer

(BGO) – Born in 1994 in a family with two children on a difficult village of Dong Son, Dong Hung commune, Luc Nam district (Bac Giang province), Ong The Dung decided to stay in Hanoi to pursue a startup in 2016 after graduating from Hanoi Industrial University, Faculty of Informatics. And by accident, he knew about the cordyceps, a healthy product.

Acknowledging the huge potential of the product, in late 2016, Dung returned to homeland to build a production model and wish to create the product with his own trademark for the community health.

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Ong The Dung inspects the cordyceps.

Making detail plan and programme, after one month persuading his parents, they supported him by an investment to realize his dream. Dung invested nearly one billion VND (43,900 USD) to construct cordyceps’standard nurturing room with total area of 60 square meters.

Some batches of production helped him know that it is essential for asepsis space and production tools. He changed the temperature, light intensity and suitable nutrition for the cordyceps in the nurturing room.

The products were sold out so he decided to expand the production scale up to five times of over 300 square meters with total cost of over four billion VND and established Truong Tho Herbal Medicine Company Limited. At that time, he could produce over 150,000 jars per year and supply to almost all of provinces and cities nationwide.

To meet the customers’ demand, apart from fresh product, Dung invested to buy refrigeration dryer to process dried cordyceps, cordyceps soaked in honey and wine.

From the model, his family can earn about one billion VND per year and create regular jobs to ten local labours with average income of six million VND per person per month.

In August 2021, the dried cordyceps of Truong Tho Herbal Medicine Company Limited was recognized together with certificate of four star OCOP product by the provincial People’s Committee.

Hanh Nguyen

Bac Giang supports to consume nearly 900 tonnes of farm produce for Covid-19 hit localities
(BGO) – Implementing the proposal of Department of Industry and Trade about accelerating the linkage to consume farm produce of Covid-19 struck provincies, Go Bac Giang Supermarket (former Big C) and Co.opMart Bac Giang Supermarket in Bac Giang province have supported to consume nearly 900 tonnes of products.
Most favourable condition created for producing, transporting and consuming farm produce
(BGO) – The People’s Committee in Hanoi city has issued Correspondence about ensuring traffic safety and facilitating transportation of farm produce, agriculture supplies and materials for production, import and normal life amid Covid-19 pandemic.
Bac Giang grants priority card for vehicles transporting farm produce
(BGO) – Amid the social distancing order imposed in many provincies and cities, implementing the instruction from the Ministry of Transport, Bac Giang provincial Department of Transport (DoT) set up special team in charge of granting priority card to identify local vehicles to “green lane” for their owners.
Over 9,000 tonnes of farm produce consumed on e-commerce platforms
(BGO) – More than 9,000 tonnes of farm produce in the northern province of Bac Giang have been sold on e-commerce platforms including over 7,000 tonnes of lychee and various OCOP products of Ven village tea, Chu rice noodle, corn wine, herbal mushroom..., 1,000 fold increase comparing to the figure last year, said Tran Quang Tan, Director of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade (DoIT).
Cooperatives supported to build and develop commodity farm produce
(BGO) – This year, Bac Giang province selected 4 qualified cooperatives to participate in the Project to build and develop commodity farm produce at provincial level in 2021 chaired by the Department of Industry and Trade.
Four star, OCOP product, informatics engineer, Bac Giang products, Bac Giang province, dried cordyceps, Ong The Dung
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