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The "sweet fruit" season of agricultural sector

(BGO) - In 2021, despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the increase in material prices, and unstable consumption markets, the agricultural industry still made a spectacular breakthrough. Most of its targets have been fulfiled and surpassed, making the sector maintain its role as the "support" of the economy.

Many targets achieve the highest-ever results

These days, people in Suoi Van village, Nghia Phuong commune (Luc Nam district) are harvesting off-season custard apple. Phuong Minh Hien, Director of Luc Nam Custard Apple Cooperative, shared that a basket of custard apple is sold for an amount equivalent to that earned from 100kg of rice. Each kilogram of custard apple fetches 55,000-60,000 VND (2.4-2.6 USD), double the price during the main crop.

Sweet fruit season, agricultural sector, Covid-19 pandemic, unstable consumption markets, agricultural industry, spectacular breakthrough, support of the economy, highest-ever results

Workers of the Yen Dung Clean Vegetable Cooperative pack products before selling.

This year, the district's off-season custard apple production is estimated at 4,000 tonnes, with the average price increasing by 5,000-10,000 VND per kg compared to the previous year, contributing to improving production efficiency.

In addition to custard apple, Bac Giang is harvesting oranges and pomelos. After an online trade promotion conference chaired by the provincial People's Committee on the consumption of oranges, pomelos and other local typical products connected to domestic and international locations, the products have been known by a large number of consumers, attracting visitors to Bac Giang to experience the orchards and buy products.

Before that, Bac Giang also enjoyed a bumper lychee crop with good prices. The lychee output reached more than 215,000 tonnes, with the highest yield and quality ever. And also for the first time, the product was granted an geographical indication in Japan. Moreover, it has conquered demanding markets such as the US, EU, and Japan. Both cultivation and animal husbandry have grown strongly, making great contributions to the efficiency of agricultural production. Despite many difficulties, the agricultural sector achieved its goals at the highest level ever.

Modern and sustainable development

Duong Thanh Tung, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that the Covid-19 epidemic broke out in Bac Giang province at an unprecedented level when the agricultural industry did not have solutions or experience to respond. The sector determined that it must have flexible, creative and practical solutions, considering this a vital task to achieve goals in agricultural production.

In 2022, the province strives for 0.5 – 1 percent in GRDP growth rate of the agriculture, forestry and fishery sector, 616,740 tonnes in food production, and 135-140 million VND (5,930-6,150 USD) in average production value per hectare of agricultural land.

Bac Giang has a large output of agricultural products, not only serving the province but also other localities. Therefore, on the one hand, the sector directed professional staff to guide people to produce quality products and on the other hand, it coordinated to discuss solutions for transportation and circulation of goods through Covid-19 checkpoints.

For lychee, thanks to early negotiation consultation, the Japanese side authorized Vietnam to perform the examination of the fumigation and sterilization process, for timely lychee exports to this market as planned.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development established a group to support the sale of agricultural products and connect producers and consumers, and published hotline numbers for people to easily contact when facing problems.

Sweet fruit season, agricultural sector, Covid-19 pandemic, unstable consumption markets, agricultural industry, spectacular breakthrough, support of the economy, highest-ever results

People in Ap village, Tan Quang commune (Luc Ngan) harvest sweet grapefruit.

The Department of Industry and Trade sent forces to capture the consumption of agricultural products at the border gates. Especially there was a separate lane for lychee trucks to carry out customs clearance procedures for export to China through a number of border gates in Lang Son province.

Under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport, the Department of Transport appointed officers on duty day and night to approve documents and issue identification cards for "green lane" means of transport, with priority given to vehicles transporting agricultural products.

From the reality assessments, the agricultural sector has defined that in the future it will develop towards modernity and sustainability. At first, it recommends people to promote the application of the circular economy model and reduce production costs in order to cope with rising prices of agricultural materials. In the long term, there is a strong shift from output growth to economic efficiency thanks to the application of scientific and technical advances.


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Sweet fruit season, agricultural sector, Covid-19 pandemic, unstable consumption markets, agricultural industry, spectacular breakthrough, support of the economy, highest-ever results
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