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Raising specialty animals to celebrate Tet

(BGO) - Grasping the market demand, many farmers in Bac Giang province have bravely raised specialty animals to serve the Lunar New Year (Tet). In the last days of the year, many customers come to farms to make orders, and some products become scarce.

Favorable sale, high prices

Taking us to his family's breeding area, Tran Van Manh in Va village, An Ba commune (Son Dong district) said that, taking advantage of the large hill garden area which is near natural forest, in recent years, he shifted to raising castrated roosters for sale during the Lunar New Year.

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The "ginseng" chickens of Nguyen Thi Hang's household are purchased at a high price.

Every day, he only feeds his chickens with corn, rice or banana tree slices, vegetables mixed with bran, so after nearly a year of raising, each rooster gains a weight of 2.5-3 kg. Due to being naturally farmed, chicken meat is tasted deliciously, and highly sought by traders from Quang Ninh province. 

Currently customers have ordered all of his 900 castrated roosters. With a selling price of 120,000-130,000 VND/kg, on this Tet holiday, Manh is expected to earn about 300 million VND (13,212 USD). After deducting the production costs, the profit is about half of the sum.

Nearly 100 black pigs of Pham Tien Dung's family in Neo residential area, Tay Yen Tu township (Son Dong district) have also been ordered by customers for Tet. With a stable selling price of 140,000-160,000 VND/kg, he is expected to earn more than 400 million VND (17,617 USD) after deducting expenses.

As living conditions improve, consumers tend to choose specialty items for use during holidays and Tet. Therefore, this is also the time when farmers can easily sell their products at high prices, earning big profits. Grasping this demand, a few months ago, many households started to prepare specialty animals for Tet.

Typically, from September 2021, Ngo Xuan Van in Noi Xuan village, Mai Trung commune (Hiep Hoa district) selected horses and bought a larger quantity than usual. Currently, 300 horses of all kinds (white, grey, red and black horses) in his farm have been ordered by slaughterhouse owners and traders inside and outside the province.

Similarly, at this time, the family of Nguyen Thi Hang in Phuc Le village, Phuc Hoa commune (Tan Yen district) is focusing on taking care of 2,000 "ginseng" chickens, ready to be put on the market in the coming days.

Keeping livestock safe

According to the Sub-Department of Livestock and Veterinary Medicine under the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the province is now home to 950,000 pigs, 19.8 million fowls, and 165,000 buffaloes and cows.

Raising specialty animals, celebrate Tet, Bac Giang province, market demand, specialty animals, Lunar New Year, favorable sale, high prices, Keeping livestock safe

The black pig raising model of Pham Tien Dung's family.

Notably, in recent years, many families have boldly switched to raising specialty animals for the Lunar New Year such as the model of ostrich farming (Yen The); white horse (Hiep Hoa, Viet Yen); turtoise and black carp in Song Mai commune (Bac Giang city); crocodile (Viet Yen); pheasant (Luc Nam)... To meet the year-end demand, a few months ago, many large-scale breeding facilities increased their herds by 15-20 percent

According to specialised agencies, on this occasion, the erratic weather, with biting cold combined with wet rain, is a favorable condition for bacteria to multiply and harm livestock. Therefore, along with strictly following the feeding regime, households should pay attention to the safety of livestock.

Luong Duc Kien, Deputy Director of the Sub-Department of Livestock and Veterinary Medicine said: "Specialty animals have high economic value, people have to invest a lot, so if an epidemic occurs, the damage is huge. Therefore, breeders must keep the barns clean and dry, and maintain a stable temperature. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to cold prevention measures and suitable diets for animals to have enough resistance to withstand harsh weather as well as to have folk ways to prevent diseases to ensure that the animals are always healthy.


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Raising specialty animals, celebrate Tet, Bac Giang province, market demand, specialty animals, Lunar New Year, favorable sale, high prices, Keeping livestock safe
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