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Bac Giang actively seeks consumption markets for lychee

(BGO)- With large productivity, short harvest time and hard preservation, it is not easy for consumption of lychee, especially in the current pandemic circumstance. Thus, the government and competent agencies in the northern province of Bac Giang has paid special attention to improving the product quality and expanding market for this sweet fruit since beginning of the crop.

Accompanying the farmers

According the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the total lychee growing area in the entire province this year is 28,300 hectares. Currently, the lychee growing areas in the province are in good growth having pests and diseases controlled. The output of lychee is expected to exceed 160,000 tonnes (including 55,000 tonnes of early ripen lychee and 110,000 tonnes of main crop lychee).

Bac Giang province, seeks consumption markets, lychee fruit, local specialty, large productivity, short harvest time, pandemic circumstance

Vi Van Bon in Phuc Le village, Phuc Hoa commune, Tan Yen district proactively cares for lychee.

This year, in line with domestic market, Bac Giang lychee will be exported to the markets of China, Japan, EU and Australia. More than 85,000 tonnes of lychee were sold to these markets in 2021, of which, 84,700 tonnes were exported to China, 204 tonnes to Japan and 70 tonnes to the US, EU and Australia.

Unlike previous years, the export of lychee to the traditional market this year will face difficulty because China continues to tighten the conditions for import of agricultural products and several imported food safety management methods.

In order to meet the requirements, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development checked upon all of the planting area codes to supplement or reject the unsuitable codes. 

The agricultural sector has accompanied farmers with the establishment of the steering team for lychee production for export and supervision of the planting areas and packaging facilities in 2022 including 10 employees collaborating with officials of the districts and communes to provide farmers with training on lychee production procedure for export and guidance to write production diary.

Besides, the province granted the list of permitted pesticides while managing the use of pesticides and provided guidance for the localities and people to prepare conditions for the field inspection to the growing areas and packaging facilities according to requirements of the Chinese Customs. Enterprises are supported in registering export codes of dried lychee to China. The competent agencies have also actively worked with some units having demand to export lychee to Japan, the US, EU and Australia.

Expanding the markets and consumption channels

Due to the large output, consumption of lychee is paid special attention by the local government and related agencies. With an aim to expand the export market for lychee, Bac Giang province has organized the meetings and seminars with some international agencies and invited several foreign diplomatic missions in Vietnam to work in the province, thereby requesting for support to foster consumption of lychee and calling experienced enterprises with advanced technologies to invest in a processing plant of lychee and other farm produce.

To date, the province has maintained 149 planting are codes (PACs) on an area of 15,800 hectares yielding an output of about 95,000 tonnes for Chinese market, 30 PACs with 219 hectares and output of 1,800 tonnes for Japanese market and 18 PACs for the US and EU markets with an area of 218 hectares and output of 1,600 tonnes.

All businesses who want to cooperate in export of lychee are facilitated to survey and study the lychee production and processing procedures.

The Department of Industry and Trade has held a number of meetings with Vietnamese commercial counselors and trade agencies abroad on situation and information of the lychee crop and plan for lychee promotion in 2022 while collaborating with related agencies to boost seeking for export of lychee to potential and fastidious markets.

The Department also advised the province the plan to organize a conference on promoting consumption of lychee and key, typical products of the province in 2022 with a number of practical activities. Besides, they collaborated with related agencies to build lychee promotion materials in English, Japanese and Chinese in the form of video clip and brochure with QR codes for advertising lychee worldwide.

The Department of Industry and Trade assigned the Center for Industry Encouragement and Trade Promotion to boost dissimilating information of the lychee crop to the distribution channels via internet and zalo platform, particularly organizing online information exchange about the lychee crop plan.


Huy Nam
Many businesses register to export lychee
(BGO) – To prepare for this year lychee season, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) in Bac Giang province has worked with enterprises which demand to export lychee to Japan, European Union, the U.S and Australia.
Bac Giang digitalizes lychee production areas
(BGO) – The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Bac Giang province cooperated to several localities to digitalize 43 lychee production areas (37 in Luc Ngan, 3 in Luc Nam, 4 in Tan Yen and 1 in Song Dong) with total area of 430ha in this season.
Bac Giang actively prepares markets to export lychee
(BGO) – Recently, China has continued tightening commodity export via Lang Son border gate for Covid-19 prevention and control with only 90 – 100 carriages cleared from Vietnam on a daily basis, which creates more challenges for farm produce to export to this market.
Bac Giang is qualified to export lychee to Japan
(BGO) – On March 1, Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Le Anh Duong received leaders and representatives of Japanese businesses, including Kawamoto, CEO of Kawamoto Group, Bui Huy Khuong, Import-Export Director of Ribeto Group and Hoang Manh Quynh, Manager of Kyodai Group in Vietnam to discuss about exporting lychee to Japan.
Bac Giang province, seeks consumption markets, lychee fruit, local specialty, large productivity, short harvest time, pandemic circumstance
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