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Tan Yen inks contract to consume early ripening lychee

(BGO) - On April 20, Tan Yen district People’s Committee (Bac Giang province) held a meeting to ink contract to export Tan Yen early ripening lychee with Viet France Agriculture Land Joint Stock Company (VFAL).

Tan Yen district now has 1,300 ha of safe lychee, including 1,030 ha of early ripening lychee (800 ha of concentrated lychee growing area, 350 ha of VietGAP lychee).

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This year, the district has 25 ha of lychee to export to Japan, the US and EU including one cultivation area code of GlobalGAP lychee covering 5 ha.

Total fresh lychee output is estimated at 16,000 tonnes, 400 of which will be exported to Japan.

Targeting at smooth consumption, since early season, the district People’s Committee has implemented the promotion plan to introduce early ripening lychee, committed to supply safest products at best quality to enterprises.

VFAL and head of the lychee growing area for export finalized the Minute of understanding for cooperating and consuming lychee in 2022 season. Particularly, VFAL promises to buy all fruits grown at 5 ha within the growing area code while the district People’s Committee and head of the lychee growing area for export committee to deliver lychees which are qualified as VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards.

The selling price will base on market in each period and class of fruit. The quantity and quality of lychees will comply with the commitment.

Hieu - Thao
Expectation of a fruitful lychee season in Bac Giang
About 160,000 tonnes of Bac Giang lychee is scheduled to be sold on the market in 2022. Promoting exports to major markets will be one of the important consumption orientations Bac Giang is pursuing.
Luc Ngan district pays attention to lychee quality, expansion of consumption market
(BGO)- In order to meet demand of the export market and response to impact of Covid-19 pandemic, Luc Ngan district in northern province of Bac Giang has directed the competent agencies to make plan to guide farmers on production of lychee ensuring quality while timely organizing trade promotion activities since late February 2022.
Tan Yen separates lychee growing area code for export
(BGO) – Phuc Hoa commune, Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) now has grown 600 ha of early ripening lychee which has been granted a growing area code (GAC) since 2018.
Bac Giang strengthens cooperation to bring lychee to US market
(BGO) - On March 29, the Bac Giang provincial People's Committee coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organize an online conference to connect trade and promote consumption of lychee and other products of Bac Giang province in the US market in 2022. The event was connected from the headquarters of the provincial People's Committee, the US Embassy in Vietnam, ​​the Vietnam Trade Office in the US and many enterprises, domestic and international trade centers.
Bac Giang actively seeks consumption markets for lychee
(BGO)- With large productivity, short harvest time and hard preservation, it is not easy for consumption of lychee, especially in the current pandemic circumstance. Thus, the government and competent agencies in the northern province of Bac Giang has paid special attention to improving the product quality and expanding market for this sweet fruit since beginning of the crop.

Tan Yen district, inks contract, consume early ripening lychee, Viet France Agriculture Land, Bac Giang province, GlobalGAP lychee, best quality
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