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Businesses and cooperatives link to consume lychee

(BGO) – Since middle of March at the flowering and fruit bearing stages of lychee, many domestic and foreign cooperatives and businesses have connected to orchard owners and contactors in Bac Giang province to seek way of lychee consumption. Support plans have been issued locally toward the most smooth lychee consumption.

Actively searching for output and transportation method

Thanks to favorable weather condition this year, the early ripening and main season lychees gain high flowering rate of over 90 percent of cultivation area, which forecasts for a bumper harvest.

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Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Anh Duong discusses with American businesses at the lychee promotion event in Bac Giang in the middle of March.

Together with caring task, since March 2022, many domestic and foreign cooperatives and businesses have actively sought the lychee production process in Bac Giang, surveyed the market, prepared programme and method to buy the fruits.

Phan Van Net, Director of Phi Dien Commercial Production and Service Cooperative in Luc Ngan district shared the Cooperative has more than 30 ha of lychee with expected productivity of over 300 tonnes. In late February, the Cooperative leader came to Ho Chi Minh city and Southern localities to search for consumption market.

“Apart from selling fresh fruit via supermarkets of Winmart, LotteVina, T-Mart and e-commercial platform (about 500 tonnes), we link to FUSA Organic Agriculture Joint Stock Company in Hai Duong to maintain exporting fresh lychee to several market of Middle East, Japan as well as dried lychee to Taiwan (China). About 100 tonnes of dried fruit would be sold to Southern localities”.

Toan Cau Food Import Export Joint Stock Company continues exporting lychee to Japan and Europe this year, each about 100 tonnes while buying some 700 tonnes of lychees as the processing materials.

Vietnam Post Corporation (VPC) said it is able to export the lychee and plans to cooperate with domestic and foreign companies to be in charge of logistics to export the fruit to many countries. Now, VPC has 63 provincial branches. Each acts as a distribution site so VPC can deliver Bac Giang lychee across the nation in 2022 season.

Renovating the trade promotion

According to the provincial Industrial Encouragement Center, as of March, 20 companies and cooperatives provided contact information to the Department of Industry and Trade to get connection in producing, buying, processing and consuming lychee, eight of which are from other province and foreign countries. Several enterprises from Japan and the US had working sessions with provincial People’s Committee about lychee export.

Businesses and cooperatives, link to consume lychee, Bac Giang province, 2022 season, flowering and fruit bearing stages, domestic and foreign cooperatives, lychee consumption, Support plans

The delegation of Japanese groups survey at lychee growing area for export in Cau Den village, Thanh Hai commune (Luc Ngan district).

On March 1, 2022 representatives of three Japanese goups of Kawamoto, Ribeto and Kyodai visited and surveyed lychee production area, processing and packing facilities for export in Luc Ngan district. They proved satisfaction with clean and friendly production environment together with an expectation to consume more and more Bac Giang lychee in Japan.

At the meeting with provincial leader on March 18, representative of Sun Hee DC Group wished to invest in farm produce preserving and processing technology in Bac Giang province so as to conveniently expand the export market of fresh lychee to the US, China and Republic of Korea.

To facilitate enterprises coming to Bac Giang for seeking and buying lychee, the Department of Industry and Trade made the list and provided information of Vietnam Trade Office branches at several states and Vietnamese product Introduction Centers in the US and some countries while assigning the provincial Industrial Encouragement Center, Division of Economy and Infrastructure in the districts of Son Dong, Luc Ngan, Luc Nam, Lang Giang, Tan Yen and Yen The as the contact points.

In the middle of March 2022, the provincial People’s Committee and the districts of Luc Ngan and Tan Yen issued consumption promotion plan for lychee, key and signature farm produce in the province. It helps create concentrated product promotion with more focal points because each market has its own requirement for product quality and specification.

With thorough preparation, Bac Giang farmers expect to continue having a successful lychee season.


The Dai
High lychee fruit bearing rate thanks to favorable weather condition
(BGO) - The favorable weather condition this year helps lychee have high flowering and fruit bearing rate in Bac Giang province particularly over 95 percent for early ripening lychee and 75 percent for main lychee season (3-5 percent higher than the figure last year), reported the provincial Plant Production and Protection Division.
Expectation of a fruitful lychee season in Bac Giang
About 160,000 tonnes of Bac Giang lychee is scheduled to be sold on the market in 2022. Promoting exports to major markets will be one of the important consumption orientations Bac Giang is pursuing.
Luc Ngan district pays attention to lychee quality, expansion of consumption market
(BGO)- In order to meet demand of the export market and response to impact of Covid-19 pandemic, Luc Ngan district in northern province of Bac Giang has directed the competent agencies to make plan to guide farmers on production of lychee ensuring quality while timely organizing trade promotion activities since late February 2022.
Tan Yen separates lychee growing area code for export
(BGO) – Phuc Hoa commune, Tan Yen district (Bac Giang province) now has grown 600 ha of early ripening lychee which has been granted a growing area code (GAC) since 2018.
Bac Giang strengthens cooperation to bring lychee to US market
(BGO) - On March 29, the Bac Giang provincial People's Committee coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organize an online conference to connect trade and promote consumption of lychee and other products of Bac Giang province in the US market in 2022. The event was connected from the headquarters of the provincial People's Committee, the US Embassy in Vietnam, ​​the Vietnam Trade Office in the US and many enterprises, domestic and international trade centers.
Businesses and cooperatives, link to consume lychee, Bac Giang province, 2022 season, flowering and fruit bearing stages, domestic and foreign cooperatives, lychee consumption, Support plans
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