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Bac Giang supports to consume lychee

(BGO) - The lychee production and consumption in Bac Giang province always receive due attention from provincial leaders and local authorities. This year, the task encounters a lot of difficulties because import requirement is tightened in many countries due to Covid-19 fear. Many relevant companies confused about this year export plan.

A prestigious enterprise in Bac Giang province informed that China orders to have sufficient information about lychee origin, production area code and package qualification as regulation as well as ensure disease prevention safety to export the fruit to this market. So, the business request lychee growers and buying agents to correctly follow the commitment to avoid arising obstacle during trade exchange.

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Farmers in Binh Son commune, Luc Nam district care for lychee.

Director of Phi Dien Commercial Production and Agriculture Service Cooperative (Phi Dien Cooperative) Phan Van Nep said this year Phi Dien Cooperative will export more lychee to Japan and Australia. However the price of supporting materials like foam box and ice bar are regularly fluctuated, making it hard to quote for customers, even affecting to sign the contract.

To prepare for this year season, the provincial People’s Committee, competent forces and Luc Ngan district have early planned many solutions to support, link and handle difficulties.

Many enterprises surveyed and inked contract with farmers and partners to adapt to disease condition and requirement from new market. Several companies and cooperatives asked for assistance from authority in lychee consumption.

Some concerned about current situation that farmers and buying agencies mixed fruits with unclear origin, wrong growing area code to export batch or harvested the fruit in unappropriate specification so the partner returned the product. It not only led to economic loss but also affected to prestige of Bac Giang lychee.

The traders urged farmers, local authorities and associations in charge of lychee production and consumption to enhance inspection, supervision while the competent forces impose strict punishment on any violation to stop the bad situation.

On peak harvest season, traffic jam oftens occurs at Luc Ngan district, national road No.31 passing Luc Nam district, which must be solved immediately. Phan Van Nep expected the competent forces to pay regular inspection and control the market to prevent price pressuring and facilitate the businesses.

Lychee production, consumption and export relate to many levels, sectors and regulations from importers. The enterprise wished to regular receive information about new rule on farm produce import as well as demand and price in such country. It helps reduce pressure on consumption together with more effectiveness.


Bao Khanh
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Bac Giang province, consume lychee, lychee production and consumption, provincial leaders, local authorities, Covid-19 fear, export plan
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