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Bac Giang inks contract to sell over 50,000 tonnes of lychee

(BGO) - Thanks to good trade promotion, so far Bac Giang province has inked contracts to sell over 50,000 tonnes of lychee, including more than 45,000 tonnes of Luc Ngan lychee and Tan Yen early ripening one.

Big consumers are Central Retail Vietnam Group, Viet France Agriculture Land Joint Stock Company, Fusa Company, Toan Cau Import Export JSC, Amei Company, Go Bac Giang Supermarket, Coopmart Bac Giang Supermarket…

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Some companies have inked contracts to consume the lychee grown for export in Phuc Hoa commune (Tan Yen district).

This year, together with renovating the consumption promotion method, the key districts of lychee cultivation have actively connected and expanded domestic markets, especially to Southern localities.

The provincial People’s Committee directed the local authority at lychee growing area to urge owners of all weighting points to ink commitment of fair purchase, public hotline to receive reflection about any violation, instruct business, cooperative and trader to register to buy lychee per growing area code (commune).

This year, the province yields more than 180,000 tonnes of lychee with highest ever quality.

At a routine press conference on May 26, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang said amid current Covid-19 prevention and control, the competent agencies and local organizations of Vietnam and China have collaborated to facilitate Chinese traders and enterprises to Bac Giang province to buy lychee when the harvest season comes.


Truong Son
Lychee planting area codes pave way for expanding exports
(BGO) - According to the authorities in Bac Giang province, this year's lychees have superior yield and quality compared to previous years. Thanks to the methodical production direction and strict adherence to the technical process, the code-granted lychee growing areas produce high-quality fruits.
Bac Giang to increase investment in processing to ease burden of fresh lychee consumption
(BGO) - The export of fresh lychee this year is predicted to face difficulties, thus, many firms pay attention to investing in processing to diversify the products.
Luc Ngan promotes and expands market to sell lychee to Southern localities
(BGO) – Preparing for 2022 lychee season, the working delegation of Luc Ngan district (Bac Giang province) led by Secretary of the district Party Committee Nguyen Viet Oanh worked with several agencies and localities in Southern provinces to connect lychee consumption at wholesale markets and border gates.
Lychee sale focuses on both domestic and export markets
(BGO) - The lychee season is coming soon, with expected bumper harvest and high quality. Now, conditions for welcoming the sweet fruit season have been prepared by Bac Giang province with the desire to help growers enjoy bumper crop and good prices.
Central Retail Group plans to consume 1,000 tonnes of Bac Giang lychee
(BGO) – On May 20, the Chairman of Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee (PPC) Le Anh Duong chaired the working session with Vietnam Central Retail Group (Group) about 2022 lychee consumption.
Bac Giang province, inks contract, 50,000 tonnes of lychee, lychee season, good trade promotion, Tan Yen early ripening lychee, domestic markets
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