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Bring Bac Giang lychee to Thailand market

(BGO) - Bac Giang highly appreciates all domestic and foreign markets to consume farm produce in general and lychee in particular. One of high potential markets is Thailand.

Counsellor Tran Thi Thu Trang at the Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand stated that the embassy will coordinate with Bac Giang in developing the market for the province’s lychee in Thailand, organising activities to promote the fruit in the country, and helping local lychee export and processing businesses participate in fairs in Bangkok and provinces to boost demand.

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Bac Giang lychee.

This year, Bac Giang expects to another high quality lychee season which is an important factor to meet the increasing demand of both domestic and foreign customers.

However, the harvest time of Bac Giang lychee is the same as the ripe time of Thailand and Chinese lychees. Big quantity will be harvested in short period of time. So, Vietnam Trade Office in Thailand has cooperated with many businesses to prepare plan to approach to customer soon.

Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand has actively launched activities to connect the supply - demand between Vietnamese lychee exporter and Thailand food and beverage suppliers to diversify the consumption channels as well as lychee processing products; proposed practical contents to Thailand competent agencies to support the simplification of import procedure and facilitate Vietnam in fruit export.

Chanh Thu Fruit Import Export Company Limited in Ben Tre province informed the business has exported Bac Giang lychee to Thailand and gained positive feedback for years. This year, the company continues signing contract to buy fruits from orchard and cooperatives in Bac Giang province to consume at this market.

The business recommended relevant agencies to further collaborate with importers and retailers to organize Commodity Week with various activities to promote local lychee, enhance interaction with customers, assist lychee exporting and processing businesses to join special fair in Bangkok and other localities…

With the joint collaboration in introduction, promotion and settlement of obstacle, Bac Giang lychee is expected to deeper penetrated into Thailand market.


Truong Son
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Bac Giang lychee, Thailand market, Bac Giang province, domestic and foreign markets, high potential markets, local lychee export, processing businesses, increasing demand
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