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Bac Giang improves agricultural production value

(BGO) - “Bac Giang province focuses on developing and increasing the agricultural production value in the upcoming time,” said Vice Chairman of provincial People’s Committee Le O Pich.

Accordingly, the province focuses to develop modern farming, big scale commodity production; enhances the quality, effectiveness and sustainability by applying advanced science technology, digital transformation to improve productivity, quality, production efficiency, added value, competitiveness of farm produce on domestic and export markets as well as expand the consumption market.

Bac Giang province, agricultural production value, modern farming, big scale commodity production, advanced science technology, digital transformation, domestic and export markets

Vegetables are grown in membrane house at Organic Production, Trading and Service Cooperative in Bac Giang province.

The province concentrates on local key and signature products with potential so as to enter top leading localities nationwide in term of advanced products by 2030.

From now on till 2025, Bac Giang strives to earn annual growth of added value in agro-forestry and fishery sector of 3 percent; average value per ha of farming land of 140 million VND per year; the rate of agro-forestry-fishery product produced in cooperated and linked model of 20 percent; value of hi-tech product of 20 percent.

Seven key commodity farm produce are prioritized, including fruit, rice, vegetable, pig, chicken, fish and wood. The province selects the production area, scales up to develop the trademark, brand and product package in associated with introduction and promotion to expand the consumption market for the potential and advantage products so that each district will have two or three potential products such as tea, herbal, goat, Chu rice noodle…

To realize the goals, Bac Giang moves to complete and renovate the policy and mechanism to support farming sector; pays due attention to training agricultural workforce in term of science technology, improvement of cultivation qualification and business management toward safe production, increased productivity, quality and added value in sustainable farming development.

At the same time, the province accelerates application of science technology, digital transformation in agriculture by building QR code; selling farm produce at online and e-commerce platforms; applying high technology, digital technology, biotechnology…in producing, harvesting, processing, preserving and consuming products of the value chain.

Besides, Bac Giang renovates the way to organize production in farming development; invests in developing infrastructure to serve agriculture production; launches trade promotion to expand both domestic and foreign markets.

Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Duong Thanh Tung said the farming sector in Bac Giang is one of the highlight spots as the top leading group nationwide with several specialties such as Luc Ngan lychee, processing veggies and roots, Chu rice noodle…which are widely preferred by domestic and foreign customers.

So far, the province has established concentrated commodity production areas ranging from dozens of ha with key crops of high quality rice, safe vegetable, lychee, orange, pomelo…as well as 304 hi-tech farming models covering over 540,000 square meters of net and membrane houses.

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As of March 1, 1,656 Vietnamese firms had received codes granted by China, enabling them to export farm produce and food products to the Chinese market.
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Consumption of farm produce: Creativity comes from difficulty
(BGO)- Despite numerous difficulties caused by Covid-19 pandemic when Bac Giang became the epidemic center of the country, the province saw smooth consumption of farm produce thanks to involvement of the levels, sectors and grassroots with creative and flexible methods. When lychee and citrus trees enjoyed bumper crops with good prices and other farm products were smoothly consumed, the farmers live in comfort.

Source: VNA

Bac Giang province, agricultural production value, modern farming, big scale commodity production, advanced science technology, digital transformation, domestic and export markets
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