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Early ripening lychees enjoy smooth consumption and high selling price

(BGO) - The cold weather in last winter made lychees in Bac Giang province ripe haft one month later than previous seasons. There is long period between the harvest season of early and late ripening lychees, which cause positive impact on market and ensure crop spreading factor. When Covid-19 is contained, early ripening lychees now enjoy smooth consumption and high selling price.

Bumper early ripening lychee crop with good price

The road from Cao Thuong town to villages of Lan Thinh, Quat Du No.1 and 2 in Phuc Hoa commune (Tan Yen district) is hustle and bustle with people buying and selling lychees.

Early ripening lychees, smooth consumption, high selling price, Bac Giang province, positive impact, crop spreading factor, organic standard

Le Van Huy (outer left) and family harvest the lychees.

Le Van Huy in Quat Du No.1 village said: “My family grows 3 ha of lychee with estimated output of 20 tonnes. With current selling price of 20-28,000 VND per kg, I can earn over 400 million VND, 1.5 fold year on year increase”.

According to Chief of Quat Du No.1 village Doan Thanh Dien, the village grows more than 200 ha of early ripening lychee. The farmers are very happy for a bumper crop with good selling price that is 10,000 VND per kg higher than previous crop.

Family of Vy Thi Oanh in Phuc Loi village, Phuc Hoa commune is the first household in Tan Yen district to successfully cultivate lychee in line with organic standard.

Oanh shared her family yields some 10 tonnes of lychee per one ha. NEW AG Technologies Joint Stock Company inked contract to buy all fruits of the family and export to the US with the price of 30,000 VND per kg.

Besides Tan Yen, Luc Nam and Luc Ngan districts started harvesting early ripening lychees. Some scattered weighting points were setup alongside the national road No.31 passing Phuong Son commune (Luc Ngan district). All lychees are sold out with average price of 22 - 30,000 VND per kg, nearly doubling last year price.

Nguyen Tan Cuong, owner of lychee purchasing and packing facility in Ap village, Tan Quang commune (Luc Ngan district) said his facility daily arranges 3 to 4 small trucks to buy lychee in Tan Yen and local areas to pack in Luc Ngan then sell in Southern provinces. Local lychees are consumed smoothly at this market.

Accompanying to sell lychee

Adding to domestic traders, several companies of Vietnam France Joint Stock Company (Hanoi), Toan Cau Food Import Export JSC (Luc Ngan district) and NEW AG Technologies JSC assigned staff to buy about 150 tonnes of early ripening lychees in Tan Yen district for export.

Early ripening lychees, smooth consumption, high selling price, Bac Giang province, positive impact, crop spreading factor, organic standard

A weighting point in Phuc Hoa commune.

Besides, many other businesses planed to buy Bac Giang early ripening lychees to export in the upcoming time.

Some ice bar producers in Luc Ngan district started operation for packing lychees. Many facilities manufactured more than 4 million foam boxes of all kinds.

To faciliate businesss, cooperatives and traders coming to buy lychee, the provincial People’s Committee directed the People’s Committee in lychee growing districts to collaborate with the departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Industry and Trade to launch online and in-person consumption and trading promotion events to many provinces and cities nationwide as well as China and Japan.

Particularly, all localities have recommended all people to strictly follow Covid-19 preventive regulations. Since early season, the Public Security forces in the districts of Tan Yen, Luc Nam and Luc Ngan have ordered the professional teams to firmly grasp the situation while the Traffic Police Division started programmes to ensure traffic safety and order.

Vice Director of Bac Giang provincial Industrial Encouragement and Promotion Center Nguyen Van Tho said: “We are always ready to create all best favorable condition for business, cooperative and trader who connect to buy lychee for farmers”.


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Early ripening lychees, smooth consumption, high selling price, Bac Giang province, positive impact, crop spreading factor, organic standard
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